Good morning! One of the major things that I’ve learned from blogging and photography is that we need to document our lives. It may seem a little narcissistic and a tad bit crazy but think about all those moments you wish you’d captured… Not the big planned moments but the little ones that seemed insignificant at the time, those are the ones that make up our lives… So my challenge to you, my friends is to get your cameras (cell phones count) and take pictures for one day out of your life. You don’t have to share them, just keep them. And make sure that you’re in at least one of those pictures!

Antenna {Living Outside the Stacks}

While walking my dog, Squeekerz, I noticed this antenna on top of my house and thought it’d be fun to filter the living daylights out of it, so I did. And it was.

Mushroom Salad {Living Outside the Stacks}

Have you ever had a salad so good that you dreamed about it and then had to go back for a second one to see if it really was that good or if it was just your imagination playing tricks on you? That is this salad. It’s a mushroom salad from our school dining facility (seriously, y’all I don’t know what that place is called but that salad is good enough that they ought to just name it after the salad).

Coffee and Denim Days {Living Outside the Stacks}

I put my coffee and denim to good use in recognition of Denim Day. “No” is a complete sentence. Parents, teach your kids to know and understand the power of that word. If either partner says “No” both people need to walk away.

Peace over violence. One on one, one by one.


Afghan {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is my latest project: an afghan for a school friend from Italy. Can I tell you how cool it is to know that something I created with my own two hands will be going to keep someone that I met over twenty some years ago cozy? There’s a special bond between military brats that can never be understood by the outside world.

Starbucks {Living Outside the Stacks}

The hubs took me to visit my home planet aka Starbucks on Saturday. It was a welcome treat.

Car {Living Outside the Stacks}

If your kid leaves her car at your house and you take it out for a spin without her knowledge and take pictures of yourself in her car and send them to her that’s not stealing, right?

Umbrellas {Living Outside the Stacks}

The ultra cool umbrella ceiling at Annie Laurie’s Antiques. I can see my girls doing this in their apartments. You know, if they ever moved out.

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What was the highlight of your week?

Daenel T