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Y’all, I’m so happy this week is nearly over. It has been… I’m just over it. I think I’m in desperate need of a real vacation. But I don’t want to use vacation time just to sit in my house, know what I mean? How are you decompressing?


Welcome to Ageless Style! Ageless Style is a monthly link-up hosted by eight beautiful women of a certain age who want to show you that style is ageless. Originally hosted by Carrie of A Simple Lovely Life, she has regained the reigns after a bit of a hiatus. The rest of us responded to a call for cohosts and the rest is, as they say, history. Each month, one of us picks a theme and then we all create an outfit based on that theme. Keep reading to find out more about the other bloggers and to link up your style posts.


This month’s theme, “Gems,” was selected by Mirielle.