Truthful Tuesdays

Inspired by my friend, The (Un)Experienced Mom, I decided to answer the question posed at Confessions from a Working Mom for Truthful Tuesday: “Have you ever lost something….And come out a winner?” Many years ago, I was a Corporal and my husband was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. He […]

Transition Update: Not the Best Look

Just a little something to keep yall updated on the transitioning process. Even though I don’t mention it in this video, there have been days when I have been thisclose to either going back to the creamy crack or scalping myself. I will endure to the end….

Day 3: New Year, New Me

Food Journal Breakfast ~ Bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee with 3 sugars and 3 creams Snack ~ 2 No bake chocolate and oatmeal cookies Lunch ~ Grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread with 2 glasses of iced water Dinner ~ Pork chop and a serving of sweet […]

Day 2: New Year, New Me

Food Journal Breakfast ~ 2 Cups of coffee with 3 sugars and 3 creams each, 2 slices of bacon Lunch ~ Serving of broccoli, rice and chicken bake with a glass of iced water Dinner ~ 2 Servings of sweet potato casserole (no topping), pork chop and 1 serving of […]

Meatloaf Mice

              On Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from my husband asking if I could come up with something to cook for a Halloween themed party he was having at work. Hmmmm….interesting request, especially since I hate Halloween (chalk it up to my upbringing, […]

Book Review: Sweetsmoke by David Fuller

Sweetsmoke is the story of Cassius Howard, a secretly literate slave, and his desire to find justice for his murdered friend, Emoline Justice. Emoline was a free black woman who served as surrogate mother and mentor to Cassius while he was recovering from a severe beating. Using his cunning and […]