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My Hair Mantra: Fluff and Go

It’s been eight months since my journey from relaxed to natural hair began and I am still going strong. I’ve resisted the urge to relapse and I haven’t scalped myself either so I’m pretty happy. I also posted pictures on flickr. Of course, I’m having a fabulous hair day so […]

The View Blab Fest

So the ladies walked onto the set to some incredibly regal sounding music, which I, of course commented on…. Um, I guess if I had watched more of the Olympics I would have known that it was the Canadian National Anthem. Doh! My genius was showing. My wrap~up today is […]

Mamavation Monday

Let’s just get it out of the way, last week I had a total relapse. I slacked off on my exercising, I didn’t eat as well as I should have (I wasn’t eating junk, I just wasn’t eating ~ salad and other veggies when I did eat) and I didn’t […]