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Polka Dot Blouse Library Book Dress Burgundy Tights and Navy Shoes {living outside the stacks}

Polka Dots and Library Books

Hey, y’all, hey! I hope you have plans for a relaxing weekend. Right now, we don’t have anything planned. We’re just gonna sit around the house and relax. I should probably clean up, but that ain’t gonna happen… I’m usually not a kitschy dresser, but I do fancy library themed […]

Book Review Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst 2 {living outside the stacks}

Book Review: Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst

I received this book free as part of a prize pack from Penguin Random House Library. Title: Harmony Author: Carolyn Parkhurst Genre: Fiction Publisher: Viking Release Date: 2016 Format: Advanced Uncorrected Proofs Pages: 275 ABOUT THE BOOK {from the flap} Alexandra and her husband have tried everything to help their off~the~charts genius but impossible daughter, who […]

Instagram Review {Living Outside the Stacks}

Instagram Review

Hi! How are things in your neck of the woods? Everything is going well here. It’s been stormy for the last few days weeks but at least it’s not cold, so I’m not complaining. Much. I dropped my phone a week ago and had to go without a cell for the weekend. […]