Summer Vacation

Y’all, The Hubs and I went on vacation. It was wonderful! We loaded up the girls and went on a whirlwind trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania. The drive was beyond perfect. Our first stop was Crozet, Virginia for my baby cousin’s wedding. My cousin and her husband {squee} are beyond cute. I wish them so much joy and peace in their marriage. And when the tough times come, and they will, I pray they have the strength and grace to talk, forgive, and love.

Us at the Wedding {living outside the stacks}

We clean up well, huh? Seriously, I had so much fun hanging out with my family and friends. I hate that the only time we seem to see each other is for weddings and funerals. We have to do better…

Blue Ridge Mountains {living outside the stacks}

After leaving the wedding, we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains and made our way to Pennsylvania. The fog was ah~mazing. Romantic. Mysterious. And just a little bit scary. The girls and I were ooooohing and aaaahing through every twist and turn of the road.

Us in Pennsylvania {living outside the stacks}

This week was one of the most relaxing of my life. I’m glad we took the time to go home and visit family and friends.

Georgia Storm {living outside the stacks}

Almost as soon as we entered the state of Georgia, we were greeted by a massive rainstorm. But I won’t complain. After the rain comes the sun.

You can check out the rest of my photos from our trip by checking out the hashtag #TeamLOTSTravels on Instagram.

What are your vacation plans?

Happy Snapping,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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  • Is home Pennsylvania for both of you? Makes going home convenient, if it is. I remember moving, as a child with my family, from Boston to Memphis. We drove. The Blue Ridge Mountain roads were terribly twisty and turny and we all get motion sick. No AC. Ten hour driving days with my dad listening to classical music the whole way and singing Ole King Cole. Ha! Thank you for reminding me of those precious memories.

    You guys sure do clean up well! Looking very snazzy. That paisley dress is the cat’s meow. Love me some paisley. Have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to just that.

    Yay, for relaxation and making family memories. Good job.

    • So glad I could spark some happy memories!

      The Hubs is from Pennsylvania. I consider myself homeless. I grew up overseas and don’t really have a home. So, I just kinda go where he goes… My mom has family in Virginia and my biological father has family in DC and Maryland, so I guess those places can be considered home as well. At some point, I hope to settle down and find a place that can be “it” for me.

  • Juanita

    You had a great family trip! I felt a little like I was intruding into your family business 😉 as I looked every time you posted but I enjoyed seeing the others in your family. I liked seeing the interaction and how good you all clean up! LOL

    • LOL We had a great time. I took a lot of photos of my mother~in~law interacting with her grandkids and then a few photos around the house of things she’s saved from when they were little so I could put it in a photo album. There were some very personal photos of her with the kids that came out beautifully but I won’t share because they’re private moments… But I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a loooong time.

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