06th Nov2012

Infinity Scarf DIY {On the Hook}

by Daenel

Mustard Infinity Scarf {Living Outside the Stacks}

I love mustard. Not the condiment, the color. Well, no, I like the condiment too but this isn’t a food post. That’s coming on Thursday, so stick around. Hint: it involves potatoes, corn and shrimp… Anyway, back to the scarf, I’ve been seeing mustard colored clothing and accessories everywhere, yet it was lacking in my wardrobe. Then I remembered this beautiful golden mustard colored yarn I had tucked away and instant happiness was upon me.

It took me about three days to whip up this lacy scarf. And don’t you just love the brooch? I may have to hit up some thrift stores for some more.

After posting a picture of the scarf on Facebook, I received a lot of requests for the pattern, so here it is. Just remember I’m not a pattern writer, so I did things the best I could.

  1. Chain 35
  2. Turn. Chain 5. Skip 2 chain’s on the base chain. Single crochet in the next chain. Chain 5. Skip next 3 chains and single crochet in the next chain. Repeat all the way across, ending with a single crochet.
  3. Turn. Chain 5. Single crochet over the center of the chain 5 (do not go through the stitch). Skip next chain, chain 5. Repeat all the way across, ending with a single crochet over the turning chain.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you reach the desired length for your scarf.


  • You can make the scarf long so you can double wrap it and let the ends hang loose
  • You can make an infinity scarf by single crocheting the ends together, this creates a ruched effect.

What are you working on this week?

30th Oct2012

Retro Baby Blanket {On the Hook}

by Daenel

Retro Baby Blanket {Living Outside the Stacks}

Retro Baby Blanket {Living Outside the Stacks}

I’ve spent the last few months working on this baby blanket. Not steady work, just off and on when I haven’t felt like doing much of anything else. You know those days, when you need to do something but you don’t want to think too much or too hard?

The blanket is for a young couple at our church who are having a baby boy in the next few months. They have two of the most adorable little girls, all bubbly and bouncy and full of giggles, ribbons and bows. That poor little boy is going to have a hard way to go. Smile.

I selected the colors:

  • Aran
  • Turquoise
  • Latte
  • Coffee

Because I thought they were appropriately boy but not traditionally boy. The parents are a young and hip couple with a Christian rock edge to them. And, well, I like coffee so any colors that evoke images of my beloved beverage can’t be wrong, right? Right.

I still have the vest from a few months back that I need to finish, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Maybe I’ll try my hand at something new like boot socks. Or leg warmers. Or fingerless gloves. Or a hat.

What are you working on this week?

22nd Sep2011

Yarn Along

by Daenel

Yarn AlongI enjoy crocheting.  I find it therapeutic.  I think I’ve said this before…  But I also love the idea of taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something ~ a cozy scarf, a colorful flower, a snuggly blanket…  Wearing something that I made with my own two hands brings me joy and a sense of satisfaction that few other things can.

This week I started crocheting a gray mesh scarf using that I found here at Lilibeth’s Garden.  I adore the airy look of the scarf and have made similar ones before in various yarns.  This time I decided to use a weightier yarn to make the scarf a little heavier while still retaining the airy look.  I’m not sure how it’ll turn out but so far, I’m digging it…

This weekend I’ll start reading The Tehran Initiative by Joel C. Rosenberg.  I received it from TBN for a review and I’m pretty excited about nestling down with a cup of coffee, my book and a blanket.

I’m joining up with Ginny from small things for Yarn Along.  To participate, all you have to do is take a picture of your current crocheting or knitting project along with the book you’re reading and hit the link.  Make sure you visit some of the other participants and share some comment love.

What about you?  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

09th Sep2011

Yarn Along

by Daenel

This morning when I woke up the air was crisp, I welcome break from the triple degree weather we had when we first moved here and the high 90s that have dogged us for the last few weeks.  Can you tell I’m a sweater weather girl?  I love my cardis, so warm and cozy, they are the grown up version of a snuggy.  Wearing the same ol’ cardigans day in and day out can get a bit dull though, so I like to brighten them up with crocheted flower pins.  I wear them in singles and in bunches.  Sometimes they match my sweater, sometimes they just go with…  Either way, they make autumn just that much more colorful.

Yarn Along

I’m joining up with Ginny from small things for Yarn Along, a knitting/crocheting and book reading meme that I read about at The Mahogany Way.  To participate, all you have to do is take a picture of your current crocheting or knitting project along with the book you’re reading and hit the link.  Make sure you visit some of the other participants and share some comment love.

28th Dec2009

Crochet Basics

by Daenel

One of my big projects for this year has been my blankets for Project Linus. I’ve written about the various blankets that I’ve made and I’ve posted many pictures of the blankets in their different stages of completion. So I was pretty excited to find out that people are actually paying attention and enjoying my little rambles (shout out to Melissa and Patty!).

Some of my friends have expressed an interest in making their own blankets for Project Linus. Yay! But, like me, they don’t have a lot of knowledge about how to crochet stitches other than the basic chain stitch. I’ve been using YouTube a lot! The tutorials are easy to follow and it’s almost like having an instructor on hand. And so much easier than trying to read a book (I’ve done that and it’s an exercise in frustration).
I promised I’d put together some of my favorite tutorials. So here they are:
1. How to Crochet – tutorial created by eHow; demonstrates the basic steps for getting started with a chain stitch which is the base for all projects
2. Crochet Popcorn Stitch – shows how to crochet a popcorn stitch; there’s a bit of a lag but if you can get past that, this is pretty easy to follow
3. Ripple Crochet – probably one of the easier tutorials to follow for how to create this stitch
4. Changing to a Different Color – ok, I admit, I like this one because the English accent is just so classy

If you know of some helpful tutorials, please post the link. I’m always looking to learn new stitches

21st Nov2009

And a Dress Becomes Wall Art

by Daenel

I guess it’s obvious by now that I love to decorate. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the entry way (I’ve been told that it is actually amud room“) from the garage into my house ~ the room is basically a pass through that no one really uses but it still needed “something.”

So I started thinking and thinking and thinking… Then it came to me, the room needed wall art. By the time this lightning bolt hit me, I was already in my pajamas so running to the store just wasn’t an option. Anyway, I didn’t want to spend anymore money in this room because it’s really just a walk through to get to the rest of the house.

So what to use? My dress!

I have this beautifully funky bohemian dress that I absolutely adore but can’t wear. I love that dress but upon further reflection I have accepted that it is not the most flattering shape for my figure. So rather than toss the dress, I decided to hang it on my wall!

It was very simple to do and took about 30 minutes to make all three panels.

Needed supplies:

Fabric (it’s best to use something that has a little weight to it, like a stiff cotton ~ I used a thin stretchy material that was a little difficult to manipulate)


Spray Adhesive


Picture Frame

Simply stretch the material over a piece of cardboard (use spray adhesive to keep the material in place), cut off excess material and frame. I used clear acrylic frames so the material is visible from all sides. This is a quick and easy project that makes good use of fabric that you already have.

19th Nov2009

Creative Self Discovery

by Daenel

Growing up, I was an artsy kid. My dad was a talented artist and I like to think that I inherited my creativity from him. I used to decorate envelopes with elaborate drawings ~ some were abstract, a few were of every day scenes. My mother loved receiving letters from me, she would decorate her day care center with them, pointing out each new one to parents as they came to drop off or pick up their children. For me, the thrill came from figuring out how to integrate the addresses and the stamps into the drawings.

After I had kids, I started to focus my creativity less on my artistic pursuits and more on how to get four kids under the age of five to walk in the same direction. As they grew older, I became more and more focused on them and their lives…the things they needed to grow and develop. Slowly I lost myself and all the things that used to make me happy. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact that is the truth of any mother’s life.
A few months ago when I became unemployed, one of my biggest fears was that I’d go nuts from boredom or, worse, get shlumpy. Part of me is going a little stir crazy and I have been known to stay in sweats and a tee all day, but the other part of me is enjoying the opportunity I’ve had to rediscover my creative side. I’ve been doing all sorts of fun stuff like staining wood, redecorating rooms, sculpting food and hand sewing pillows. I’m hoping that some day soon I’ll get the nerve to pick up the pencils again but even if I don’t, it’s been fun and exciting to find that I haven’t been totally lost, just temporarily misplaced.

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