Weekend Wrap~Up {In the Family Room}

Are you ready to begin a new week? I am. Kinda sorta. This is the first full week that the students are going to be back on campus, so things are gonna be kind of crazy for a minute. My own kids have been back at school for a week now, so we’ve pretty much settled into a routine which is pretty nice. Our weekend was pretty non~eventful but there were a  few hiccups, some laughs, a triumph, and a new beginning…

1. Can’t Multi~task

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

Yes, this really happened. Lesson: I cannot talk to my aunt and cook dinner at the same time. Between the laughing, sharing memories, and catching up on life, I totally forgot that I was cooking dinner.

2. Finished Week 2 of C210K

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

This running thing is really working out for me. Who knew I could enjoy something that is so physically, spiritually, and emotionally demanding? And after 40 years of having absolutely no color to my skin or muscle definition in my legs, I now have both!

3. Miss 19 Turned 20

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

We’re not big on parties, but what we do like to do is find the most randomly decorated birthday cakes we possibly can and buy them. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to top the line dancers.

4. Serenity in a Cup

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

Because no weekend wrap~up would be complete without a coffee shot!

5. Finally Gettin’ It Done

Weekend Wrap~Up {Living Outside the Stacks}

So I promised a friend of mine a blanket at the beginning of the Summer. I’m just now getting started. Total slacker, I am.

How was your weekend?

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