Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Ageless Style Linkup: I Saw It On TV


Hi, welcome to the Ageless Style Linkup. The linkup runs the first Tuesday of each month and features 10 women over the age of 40 styling an outfit based on one theme, and, because we’re all so different, each theme interpretation is different. Each month, one of the co-hosts invites a guest co-host to join us for the linkup.

It was my turn to pick the theme and the co-host this month. I chose “I Saw It On TV” because I’m probably the most TV obsessed librarian you’ll ever meet. The thing is, I don’t just watch for the entertainment value, I watch for inspiration {be it clothes, home decor, or food}. Seriously, the best thing to ever happen to TV as far as I’m concerned is the pause function. I mean, I’m always pausing to see what someone is wearing. So, yeah, that’s how this month’s theme came about…

Our guest co-host is someone that I’m sure most of you know… It’s Patti from Not Dead Yet Style. cue the cheering I’ve been a fan of Patti’s for a long time. In fact, hers was one of the first style linkups that I participated in when I was a newbie blogger. After I selected the theme, Jodi from Jodi’s Touch of Style contacted me and was like “Loooooook!” The theme and the post were dead on, so I had to ask Patti to join us.


I watch a lot of TV. Not just for the tears {This Is Us, I’m looking at you and grabbing the tissues}, but also for the fashion inspiration. When I was younger, I wanted to be dress like Denise Huxtable {played by Lisa Bonet} on The Cosby Show. I loved the way she played around with patterns and textures. Some of her outfits looked like she reached into her closet and just pulled out random pieces and put them on, but somehow they just fit. Other times, it looked like she’d stepped out of a couture dressing room. But, ultimately, everything just looked so fabulous on her. And, we’re just talking about her clothes; girlfriend, could wear some hats.

I Saw It On TV {living outside the stacks}

Now that I’m older, I still find myself drawn to that same “found look.” And one of my favorite shows to look to for inspiration is black*ish. I am absolutely in love with Rainbow Johnson {Tracee Ellis Ross} and the way that she dresses. Rainbow is a stylish wife and mother of five, who also happens to be an anesthesiologist. Her style choices are heavily influenced by her upbringing: she’s the bi~racial child of a hippie couple who raised their children in a commune. Side note: I’ve often said that if I’d been born in another decade, I probably would’ve been either a flapper {you can see me dressed as a flapper by clicking here} or a hippie. Either way, I would’ve been bucking the system.

I Saw It On TV {living outside the stacks}

I Saw It On TV {living outside the stacks}

I Saw It On TV {living outside the stacks}

Glasses – Firmoo | Earrings – Nickle & Suede {Medium} | Sweater & Boots – Target | Skirt – Thrifted | Tights – Rite Aid

Like Denise, Rainbow loves playing with textures and patterns. So for my inspiration outfit, I chose a knit sweater and a tweed skirt which mimics the one Rainbow is wearing here. I also channeled Denise and added a pair of funky lace-up boots. You can see my Pinterest board for all things Rainbow and Denise by clicking here {there’s also a bit of Nicole Richie thrown in because hel-lo, Nicole Richie is a living doll}.

While I didn’t go all in with the pattern play like Bow and Denise, I did play with textures and kept it simple with a neutral color scheme. Keeping things in the same color family makes wearing mixed prints/textures a little easier to do. That being said, I’m by no means afraid to mix things up… You can see past looks here.

Do you ever watch TV and think I can totally pull off that outfit? Or am I the only one?


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Patti {Not Dead Yet Style}

Please go say “hi” to Patti from Not Dead Yet Style. And make sure you link up with her always fabulous Visible Monday! Patti’s also on Facebook and Instagram, feel free to give her a follow. Her blog is not only full of style inspiration, but she provides a lot of helpful tips for finding your own personal style.


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Be sure to check them out for more fashion inspiration,

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