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Ageless Style Floral Dress Announcement {living outside the stacks}


Hi, welcome to the Ageless Style Linkup. The linkup runs the first Tuesday of each month and features 10 women over the age of 40 styling an outfit based on one theme, and, because we’re all so different, each theme interpretation is different. Each month, one of the co-hosts invites a guest co-host to join us for the linkup. Our goal is to show you that style is ageless…

This month’s theme is: “Tropical Prints” and was chosen by Shugunna from Nzuri N* Simplicity.

We also have a new cohost: Julia from When the Girls Rule. Please make sure you stop by and give her a warm welcome!


Floral Wrap Dress and Camel Sandals {living outside the stacks}

As soon as I read the theme I knew I was going to wear this dress. I wore it to my cousin’s wedding in Chicago and I fell in love with it. The Hubs picked it out specifically for the wedding because I was having one of those throw everything on the floor I have nothing to wear because I’m bloated kinda days. You know what I’m talking about, right? So, he dragged me to my happy place – Target – and told me to try on some dresses. I pouted and stomped around the store. Full on grown woman tantrum mode. Seriously, not even Target could cheer me up. It was that bad.

Floral Wrap Dress and Camel Sandals {living outside the stacks}

The Hubs started picking out dresses and when he handed me this one, I said “Absolutely not. I do not wear wrap dresses.” I had one blow open and, yeah, that ended that. But he insisted. So I tried it on. And when I walked out of the dressing room, I saw his eyes light up. So did the guy he was talking to. He said: “Anytime your husband’s eyes light up like that, you get the dress.”

We got the dress.

Floral Wrap Dress and Camel Sandals {living outside the stacks}

Floral Wrap Dress – Target {similar} | Earrings – Nickel & Suede {similar} | Sandals – Target {similar}

There is so much to love about this wrap dress. First of all, the print is gorgeous. The flowers are big but there’s enough solid space that it gives the eyes a rest. And that ruffle on the side is so flirty. You see I had to do that Angelina leg in the first picture, right? Second, I like the length. It’s modest, which I want in a wrap dress. Usually, I like my dresses a little above the knee but this is perfect. And, last, but not least, the coverage across the the chest didn’t require an extra layer. Usually, I have to wear a slip and a camisole to keep everything protected. I’m only wearing a slip and I felt secure.

In the fall/winter, I can totally see this dress with a long grandpa cardi, tights, and boots. Yep, I’d say The Hubs did me a solid on this dress. I love it.

PS I need to invest in a steamer!

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Floral Wrap Dress and Camel Sandals {living outside the stacks}

Do you wear wrap dresses? What’s your tried and true trick for keeping it PG? Leave a comment below. I’d love to read your suggestions.

Now go play in your closet,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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