I’ve often said that I have the navigational skills of a monkey in a hurricane. Sometimes being directionally challenged has led me to wonderful discoveries such as the Bollinger Mill Historical Site and other times it has left me on the side of the road near breaking point because I wasn’t sure which way to go. But the one thing that I’ve learned throughout both of these experiences is that I need to have a plan. If I don’t want to get lost, I can’t simply rely on my GPS. I have to have a map and a fully charged phone.

In our spiritual lives, sometimes we can feel like we’re at a crossroads and don’t know which way to turn but God doesn’t leave us to flounder on the side of the road crying. He has provided us with a perfect map that never needs updating and a means of contact that never has a battery fail. That map is the Bible and the means of contact is prayer.

If we ask Him to guide our footsteps each and every day, He will keep us on the right road.

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