Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Throwback Thursday: Remember the Sabbath {In the Church}

Originally posted: 30 November 2011

Word Filled Wednesday: Exodus 20:9

Rush rush rush, it always seems like I’m in a hurry to catch up on stuff. That’s my life, 24/7. Whoa, wait! Did I just say 24/7? Yes, I did. And that’s a problem. The Lord tells us in Exodus 20:10 that the seventh day is the Lord’s day and on that day we nor anyone in our households are to do any work, that day is to be reserved for rest and worship, not for catching up on laundry or balancing the check book or whatever we come up with to do on that day.

We are to observe the Sabbath by keeping it holy and focusing on renewing ourselves in Him. So I challenge you as well as myself to keep the seventh day holy through prayer and consecration to the Lord our God.

Daenel T


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