Daenel with Popped Collar {livingoutsidethestacks.com}

Sometimes when I’m looking for one thing, I stumble across another…

I ran across these pictures while looking for information for a history course that I’ll be teaching next month. I thought I was so cool with my popped collar and mullet haircut. sigh And is that baby pink lipstick? And my Swatch. True story: I had probably the largest watch collection in my high school. I used to save up my money and buy a new watch every month. This particular watch had the words to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors written across the face. And look at those high waisted jeans. Somewhere, under all that fabric, is a teeny tiny waist that I thought was way too big.

Daenel with Boy Suspenders {livingoutsidethestacks.com}

And here I am with the infamous Boy Suspenders. These were all the rage in Italy, where I grew up. OK, maybe only a handful of Italian teens and I were wearing them but I LOVED them. I even had a matching baseball cap. How I got it to stay on top of all of that hair is beyond me. The girl in the picture with me is my twin sister. I’ve been banned from posting any unauthorized photos of her on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram, so I did an interpretive block drawing. Hope she likes it.

The rest of these are from 2012 to 2013. Enjoy!

Black Tunic and Jeans {livingoutsidethestacks.com}

I think I still have this outfit somewhere in my closet. I may have to break it out come Autumn. I love love love the scarf. I crocheted it many moons ago during one of my “I’m crafty” phases. And look at those curls!!

Coral Cardi Brown Skirt and Black Boots {livingoutsidethestacks.com}

I know I still have that skirt in my closet because it made an appearance right here. And those boots? Well, I’ve said before that I’m a big fan of skirts with socks and boots.

Cream Cardi Citron Top Jeggings with Brown Laceup Boots {livingoutsidethestacks.com}

Have you ever given something away and immediately regretted it? That’s how I feel about that cardi and those boots. I gave them to my daughter and have regretted it ever since. She lives far enough away from me that stealing taking them back is not an option. But, seriously, what was I thinking?

Cool Daenel {livingoutsidethestacks.com} #naturalhair #shorthair #TWA #teenyweenyafro

Because I got a haircut and I’m totally feeling myself.

Do you look at old pictures of yourself and laugh? Or were you styling back in the day?

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