26th Oct2012

Things That Leave Me Scratchin’ My Head {Coffee Talk}

by Daenel

Coffee Talk {Living Outside the Stacks}1. Republican politicians, can I tell ya something? You really need to work on your “Hate the sin, love the sinner” message ’cause right now you’re failing miserably at explaining anything that has to do with women and rape.

2. And while I’m on the political, women can handle heated debates, so stop saying that Obama’s and Romney’s sparkless debate was because they’re “courting women voters and women can’t handle conflict.” Ummm, have you ever had contact with a woman? In this century?

3. I hate that saggy pants thing that guys do. It’s so not cool. Especially when the guy is over the age of 20. By that time the guy should have long been able to afford to buy a belt. I actually saw a guy fall while crossing the street because his pants were so saggy. The reason I’m bringing this up is because a lot of cities are trying to pass ordinances to ban saggy pants. While I’m all for ending this horribly tacky trend, I think cops have bigger issues to worry about. Then again, aren’t there already decency laws on the books?

4. Have you seen Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial? What in the world is he talking about? At first I thought it was some sort of PSA. This guy takes himself way too seriously.

4. A New York City police officer was arrested for allegedly plotting to kidnap, rape, kill and eat women. What the what? Here’s the thing, ladies, if you’re driving alone at night and you see flashing lights in your rear mirror, throw on your hazard lights, slow down and do not pull your car over until you’re in a well lit area. You can also dial 911, give them your location and ask for backup. If the cop is legitimate, he will understand. Do not pull your car over on a remote road. Be safe, people are crazy.

What had you scratchin’ your head this week?

20th Nov2011

Random Thoughts

by Daenel

Learner's Permit

  1. The boy got his learner’s permit this week. That’s pretty scary. I’ve lived with this boy all of his life and I’ve seen him do some things that have made me shake my head… Now he’s about to be turned lose on the public. Behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  2. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought When did I become a grown up? I mean seriously, when did life become about bills, jobs, kids and stuff? What happened to the fun that we thought we’d have as soon as we got out of our parents’ house? Oh, yeah, that’s what lead to the kids and the becoming adults thing
  3. How about this weather? One day it’s like 50 something, then the next it’s almost 80. I’m so used to Pennsylvania weather that I don’t know what to do with this. Part of me wants to enjoy it but the other part of me is like, dude, what the heck?
  4. Do you keep snacks in your car? My kids are always teasing me because I keep trail mix and stuff in my glove box, but I’m telling you, it saves lives. Remember last year when that lady survived the woods on trail mix and snow and then this week they found that 9~year~old girl who lived on Gatorade and Pop~Tarts after her father died in a car accident? Stock your cars.
  5. Last night while driving home from my sister’s place I thought I saw a dead body on the side of the road so I made the hubs turn the car around… It was a bag of trash.

So how was your weekend?

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01st May2011

Loose Threads and Other Random Thoughts

by Daenel
Mother and Daughter
1.  That’s me with Miss 17.  I’m so incredibly proud of her.  I’m also slowly but surely preparing myself to let go as she prepares to go to college.  I will not cry.  On Friday, she and I hung out and did a bit of shopping, eating and talking.  Seeing my daughter grow from a little bean to a young lady has been the most amazing trip.  I’m one of those blessed moms who hasn’t had to go through all the problems that I caused my mother with her teen daughter.  That’s not to say we haven’t had our issues (at 12 she started to lose her mind, at 13 she lost it completely, but at 14 I helped her find it again, since then we’ve been pretty cool)…
Anyway, did you notice her hair?  I did that last weekend.  Yep, I shaved my daughter’s head.  That’s what moms are for, right?
Headband Materials

Click the picture to see the finished product!

2.  Last week I taught myself how to crochet a  headband, so I decided to try to be a bit more creative and make another one using ribbon, elastic bands and crocheted flowers, so Miss 17 and I hit up the craft store.  Of course, I’ll post pictures of the finished product.  If it’s acceptably cute.
Safe Driver
3.  On our way home, Miss 17 and I and I had a good laugh…
How was your weekend?

29th Mar2010

We Need to Protect Our Children

by Daenel

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but it seems like there has been a surge in the abduction, rape and murder of children.  Or maybe it’s just getting reported more often, I don’t know…  But whatever the reason, this has to stop.  Just today a man in our area was sentenced for videotaping himself as he raped several children.  His youngest victim was six months old.  Six months old!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

My heart is broken.  Even now, it’s all I can do to contain the rage, anger, hurt and disbelief that I feel.  How does someone do something so evil to a child?  And where is the public outrage?  Why aren’t more parents demanding that these individuals be put away for life without the chance for parole?

Isn’t it time that the rights of accused and convicted pedophiles be set aside for the protection of those who cannot protect themselves?  At what point do we say enough is enough?  Obviously, our current method of punishment isn’t working.  These people are getting out of prison and going on to commit even more heinous crimes.  Think about how much grief and sorrow could be prevented if these individuals were incarcerated for life.  Why do they get a second chance?

I’m asking for the complete revocation of all rights for pedophiles/child murderers.  Once they harm a child, they give up all signs of humanity so why should they be allowed to get out of prison in 5 years so they can repeat their offenses?  The correct punishment should be complete and irrevocable incarceration for life.  No second chances.  Aren’t our children worth this and so much more?

When my children were little, there were three steps that I took to ensure their safety and I want to share those tips with you right now:

1.   Teach your children that their bodies are theirs and theirs alone ~ no one has the right to touch them

2.  Let your child use his or her voice ~ they have the right to say “no” to an adult when it comes to their bodies

3.  Never, ever force them to hug or kiss an adult (even a relative) ~ it may seem rude, but children should never have to submit to affection through force

For more tips on how you can protect your child, go to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children or to the Polly Klass Foundation.

09th Oct2009

Mom Gets the Message

by Daenel

Son: “Mom, what’s safer, driving while drunk or driving and talking on the cell phone?”

Me: “Safer? I guess driving and talking on the cell phone.”

Son: “How about when you’re dialing the number while driving?”

Wait for it….

Ding ding ding bells and whistles
Yeah, my son totally called me on the texting while driving thing and I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Furthermore, I didn’t notice that I wasn’t really paying attention to where we were going while I was driving while dialing. Scary stuff.

Fortunately, my son caught my attention before something bad happened and he did it in such a way that it not only made me snicker a little but it left a lasting impact.

We as parents model the behavior that we want our children to reflect. I want my children to be safe. Always.

So I have taken the pledge to keep my mind on the wheel while I’m driving and, hopefully, you will do the same. The pledge is sponsored by TheMotherhood.com with goal of reducing distracted driving and keeping the roads safe for our families and communities.

There are plenty of ways you can minimize distractions while driving:
*Pull over to the side of the road if you have to make a call
*Use hands free devices
*Set up the voice dialing feature on your phone
*Don’t drive with pets in your lap
*Put on make up in the parking lot
*Read the newspaper at your desk
*Get dressed at home
*Either smoke the cigarette, drink your coffee, eat your donut or drive, don’t do them all at once (kid you not, drive down the streets of Kingston during morning rush hour and you’re bound to see all of these at some point)
*Keep your eyes on the road!

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