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My Favorite Moments from 2013 {In the Cafe}

So, here it is, the last day of 2013. This is all kinds of crazy. I mean, I know time passes but, gosh, doesn’t it seem like the older you get the more quickly time passes? I wonder why that is…

While sitting here watching The Twilight Zone marathon {an annual tradition in my home}, I started reflecting on the past year and thought, why not share some of my favorite moments with you all? Some are blog posts, some are pictures from InstagramPinterest, or Flickr, and others are things that happened on Facebook.

But before I get started, I do want to thank you all for sharing your lives with me. I enjoy celebrating the good times with you and {virtually} embracing during the bad times. In 2014, I pray God’s blessings upon you and your family.

1. Biggest Accomplishment

Run for God 5K {Living Outside the Stacks}

One of my goals for 2013 was to run a 5K and I did it! On 29 June, I participated in the Run for God 5K to benefit the Amen Center. Crossing that finish line gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride that I hadn’t felt since I finished Basic Training over 20 years ago.

2. Viral Pin

Shoe Quote {Living Outside the Stacks}

This photo of mine became one of my most popular pins on Pinterest. I have a thing for shoes, so it makes sense.

3. Creative Fashion

Blue Cardi, Mustard Striped Tee, Floral Skirt, and Oxfords {Living Outside the Stacks}

One of the things I blogged about most consistently this year is fashion. I tried to not only share my own personal style with you all but I tried to incorporate some new things into my wardrobe. The biggest two being color and pattern. So this year was all about pattern mixing, something I was fond of but had never really considered for myself.

4. Favorite Photo

Starbucks {Living Outside the Stacks}

At the beginning of 2013, I signed up to participate in a 365 Project on flickr. Unfortunately, I didn’t complete the challenge, but I was able to capture one favorite shot and this is it. It was a candid shot for the “Street Photography” theme. I like it because the man seems lost in thought, totally oblivious to the buzz of patrons around him.

5. Most Popular Post

5 things im sorry my kids will never experience {Living Outside the Stacks}

Sometimes, I suffer from moments of nostalgia for the things of my youth. And it strikes me as odd sad that there are things that I experienced that my children will never know.

What were some of your favorite moments from 2013?

Daenel T


My Favorite Outfits {What I Wore Wednesday}

Hi, everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful. The hubs read the Christmas story to the kids and we talked about why we celebrate Christmas, how we’ve been blessed over the year, and then gave the kids their gifts. Even though our kids are teenagers, I like the tradition that we established when they were little people. It feels comfortable. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Another tradition I have is to do a review of the past year’s blog posts. It’s fun to look back and see how I’ve changed and to see what goals I’ve accomplished and what goals I need to push with me into 2013. So I thought it’d be fun to start my review with some of my favorite outfits from the past year.

What I Wore 6 June

Brown, Cream and Green Sleeveless Dress {Living Outside the Stacks}

Dress ~ Dress Barn

I bought this dress to wear to a wedding years ago. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the wedding so the dress sat unworn for months. Since then I’ve worn it twice. And every time I put it on I feel so elegant. Almost like I should be on the cover of a magazine.

What I Wore 11 July

Print Blouse and Jeans {Living Outside the Stacks}

Blouse ~ Deb’s

Jeans, Wedges ~ Kmart

Hands down, this is one of my favorite summer outfits. The colors on the blouse light up my face and the jeans fit like a dream. And, well, you can’t go wrong with wedges.

What I Wore 5 September

Denim Jacket, White Sundress  and Cowboy Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

Denim Jacket, Sundress ~ Walmart

Cowboy Boots ~ Thrifted

This outfit was totally built around those cowboy boots. When I saw them at the store I literally squealed; I’d been wanting a pair of cowboy boots forever. And, come on, they’re red and they’re fabulous.

What I Wore 8 October

Citron, Purple Polka Dots, Jeans and Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

Cardi ~ Target

Blouse ~ Thrifted

Jeans ~ Kmart

Boots ~ Payless

I’d been trying to get more color into my life and I think I nailed it here. The citron in the sweater goes with the purple, greens and oranges in the blouse without being all matchy matchy. Nothing but fun.

What I Wore 17 October

Black Cardi, Tank, Khaki Skirt, Tights and Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

Cardi, Boots ~

Tank, Skirt ~ Walmart

Tights ~ Rite Aid

Again, it’s all about the boots. Aren’t they fabulous? They’re Sebago and they’re sold on I do believe they are the best boots ever. They’re incredibly comfortable and versatile; I can wear them with anything. And that sweater? I waited months for it to go on sale. It was totally worth it.

What I Wore 13 November

Teal Cardi, Tank and Brown Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks}

Cardi ~ Deb’s

Tank ~ Kmart

Skirt ~ Thrifted

I absolutely adore the color combination here. Normally, I would’ve played it safe and worn a brown sweater but popping it with the teal just pulled it all together. I also stepped outside of my comfort zone and wore a belt around my waist. I almost never do that but I like the way it defined my waist. You can check out my favorite thrifted outfits by clicking here.

What I Wore 11 December

Black Sweater, Brown Cami, Floral Skirt and Black Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

Sweater ~ Walmart

Floral Pins ~ Handmade by Me

Cami ~ Kmart

Skirt ~ Thrifted

Boots ~ Payless

I heart this skirt so much! It makes me feel all girly and fun. I just wanna grab the hem and twirl like a little girl. And the boots keep everything from feeling too precious.

So that’s it, my favorite outfits from 2012. I’m looking forward to sharing a happy, healthy and fashionable 2013 with you.

Are you doing an outfit review? If so, leave a link in the comments below.

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Photography {The Best of 2011}

This year, my interest in photography was piqued when I took a picture of the hubs while walking around downtown Wilkes~Barre, Pennsylvania. It was like something inside me came to life and I kept thinking I can’t believe I took this picture but I didn’t really take photography seriously as a hobby. I’ve since graduated from taking pictures with my cell phone to using a GE X500 to a Nikon D3100.

Over the past year, I’ve participated in many photography challenges (I even had a picture make it into the Top 5! Woo hoo!), started following a few photography blogs and tried to challenge myself to look at ordinary things differently. I think I’ve done a pretty good job and I look forward to seeing how much my photographic skills grow in the coming year.

The hubs and I sat down tonight and went through a year’s worth of photos to come up with our top picks. It wasn’t easy ~ some we liked for sentimental reasons, some we disagreed over and others we both loved. I hope you enjoy our picks:

1. Into the Light

Into the LightI took this picture with my cell phone and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I just like the way the light is reflecting off the concrete. The blue and gray tones also get me. {BlackBerry}

2. Self Portrait

Self PortraitThis picture placed in the Top 5 for Shoot. Edit. Submit. To say I was happy would be putting it mildly. I’m still trying to learn how to use the self~timer and take nice selfies, so getting recognized for my efforts was pretty encouraging. {Nikon D3100}

3. Burfordville Covered Bridge

Burfordville Covered BridgeI took this picture a couple of days ago when I was out with Miss 18. It’s a beautiful old wooden bridge that was built in the 1800s. I love the romantic setting, it kind of reminds me of the bridge from the movie Bridges of Madison County. {Nikon D3100}

4. Joy

JoyI absolutely love this picture of my girls. My daughter’s face while she’s jumping just exudes joy. Every time I look at this picture, I smile. {Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS}

5. Coffee

CoffeeThe hubs picked this one. You’d think as the coffee lover that this would have been amongst my faves. I do like it ~ the coloring, the texture, the coffee… Really, what’s not to like? {GE Power Pro X500}

6. Gazebo

GazeboCan you believe this gazebo was in someone’s back yard? Seriously, if it belonged to me, my family would never see me. I’d have a trained helper monkey bringing me coffee. {Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS}

7. Boy with Flowers

Boy with Flowers
I just love his face! {GE Power Pro X500}

8. Bridge

BridgeThe hubs and I both like the perspective on this picture. Can’t you just hear the birds chirping and hear the leaves crunching under foot? {GE Power Pro X500}

9. Family Picture

FamilyA sentimental favorite. This picture marked the beginning of a new life for our family.

10. Chipmunk Eating Beggin’ Strip

Chipmunk Eating Beggin StripIs this not the funniest thing ever? My dog left his Beggin’ Strip outside and a chipmunk pilfered it. {GE Power Pro X500}

I hope you’ve enjoying strolling down memory lane with me.

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

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