I’ve been thinking about the year 2020 a lot. And, like many people, I’m guilty of just blanketing all of 2020 with negativity, when – in fact – this is not true. Yes, there have been some disappointments and I’ve shed more than a few tears this year, but I’ve also laughed a lot. I’ve probably talked to my kids more this year than in previous years since they all moved out of our house. My grandkids have kept us entertained through videos, pictures, and telephone calls. The Hubs and I have cooked more meals together and gotten into a nice little kitchen cleanup routine. And I’ve learned to let go of things I cannot control.


  • My friends and coworkers {and the millions of people} who’ve passed away from COVID-19
  • The families who lost loved ones to senseless violence, racism, and hatred
  • Our military members and their families who’ve sacrificed so much for us.
  • Those who marched and protested against racism and injustice.


  • The many pictures and videos of our grandkids laughing and dancing and just enjoying being kids
  • Pictures of “The Boys” {our second oldest daughter’s dogs} fighting over toys and snuggling under electric blankets
  • The Boy’s promotion at work that led to him moving closer to my mother-in-law {but farther away from us}
  • Our youngest daughter is a Valdosta State University graduate
  • Our middle daughter kept her job throughout the pandemic and continues to work at a job she enjoys
  • I was able to keep my job and work from home until it was safe to do otherwise
  • The Hubs finally got the car trailer that he’s wanted for more years than I can remember
  • Bleu tolerated her heart worm treatments and is on the last course
  • My family is healthy and happy

Lessons Learned

  • God is faithful, even when I’m not
  • Not all relationships are meant to last forever
  • Letting go of things I cannot control can bring peace
  • The Hubs can cook
  • Dancing is life
  • Exercise is vital to my mental and physical health
  • Squirrels can be an infinite source of amusement

About 20 from 2020

I’m joining with Carrie from A Stylish Fit and Leslie from Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After for 20 from 2020. This is an opportunity to reflect over the past year and share the things that made us happy, the things that made us cry, and all of the lessons in between.

What did this year give to you? Leave a comment telling me something good that happened to you this year.

Love and happiness,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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