Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

He is the Light {Word Filled Wednesday}

Light {Living Outside the Stacks}

Last week, the hubs, Miss 15 and I were driving into town when the hubs pulled over and said “You have got to get a picture of that sky!” It was the most spectacular looking thing we’d seen in just about forever. As I snapped away, I kept telling him, “I can’t quite capture the beauty…” I felt overwhelmed by the beauty that was before me…

This week as I read the section about God’s names of splendor, I was brought back to how I felt standing on the side of the road with my camera in hand. I felt overwhelmed. The Hebrew word for God’s name of splendor is OR OLAM or Everlasting Light. He is brilliant, magnificent, glorious, resplendent… He is the light in a world of darkness.

Right now we rely on the sun to give us light during the day and the moon and stars to provide light by night, but one day we will walk in the light of His presence {Isaiah 60:19}. Can you imagine? God is so brilliant that He can outshine the sun?

A couple of times a week, I plan to share what I’ve learned from my discussions with the ladies from the Women’s Bible Café and my readings from the book  Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter by Mary Kassian. For more information on the study, you can check out the Women’s Bible Cafe on Facebook by clicking here.

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