Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Random Stuff {This or That Thursday}

The other day I was cleaning up my desktop and found about a million folders marked “New Folder” {Why do I name them that? Can’t I be just a little bit more original? Descriptive even?} and inside of them were a couple hundred unedited photographs. These are just a few of them…

Buildings in Cape Girardeau

These buildings overlook the Mississippi River in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri and are being converted into lofts. I would really like to get a chance to take a look inside but my dream would be to live in one… I just think they’re absolutely beautiful.

Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge

The Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge spanning the mighty Mississippi River, the hubs and I enjoy taking walks along the Mississippi River whenever we get a chance.

Old St Vincents Catholic Church

The steeple of Old St. Vincent’s Catholic Church in Cape Girardeau. Such a beautiful old building. I’ve heard that they offer tours but I haven’t been on one. Yet.

Evening Sky

This was my first clear moon shot. Or, at least, clear enough that I’m willing to share…

What do you do with your unedited photos? Do you save them for later and forget about them? Or do you edit and post immediately?

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