How’s everyone doing? I’m OK, haven’t had much of an opportunity to get out and shoot anything so I’m sharing a few more pictures from last week’s trip to the Bollinger Mill Historic site…

One of the main attractions at the Bollinger Mill Historic Site is the Burfordville Covered Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Missouri. I absolutely love this bridge and could spend hours photographing it.

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}

Isn’t it gorgeous? The bridge spans the Whitewater River and is built mainly of Yellow Poplar.

Burfordville Historic Site {This or That Thursday}
Construction began on the bridge in 1858 by Joseph Lansmon. The photo above is part of the ceiling, showing how the iron rods are used to support the structure (a method called Howe~truss construction).

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}
All along the inside walls of the bridge, people have carved their names with dates. This wasn’t the oldest but it was one of the easiest ones to read. The historian in me always wants to find out the stories behind the carvings. Did the couples stay together? What became of F.P.?

Burfordville Covered Bridge {This or That Thursday}
The floor of the bridge is as beautiful as the exterior. Can you imagine riding across this on a wagon?

If you could visit any time in history, which would you choose? Why?

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