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Friday Favorites {living outside the stacks}

This week has been the longest month ever. Monday was a nice day off. We didn’t do too much of anything, but Tuesday? I broke my glasses. Y’all, I cannot see a thing without my glasses. It’s not like I was doing anything rough. I. Was. Cleaning. Them. And they snapped in half. Fortunately, I keep all of my old glasses whenever I get a new pair {I can’t give them my glasses because I need to see} so I have several pairs to rotate until my new pair arrive, but still… Then on Wednesday, we had a big event at our college and my phone died. I’m the social media coordinator for the college and my phone died. Which meant I was unable to share images from the event on social media. I could’ve cried. But I did get some incredible pictures of the new campus that I was able to share later…

CLTCC Main Campus Lobby {living outside the stacks}

Isn’t it gorgeous? This is a view of the lobby of our new Main Campus from the stairs. If you look to the left, you’ll see the library {kinda} and to the right is the Student Commons {those doors open and close like garage doors}. If you want a better view of the library, go here. I cannot wait for us to move in!

I have so enjoyed seeing all of the back to school pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram, but did you see these? What are they doing to those poor kids? LOL Those babies look like they just finished working a 12 hour shift. You know what else I’m loving right now? All the fall fashions that’re starting to make an appearance. The last three days temps have been over 100° buuuuuut I’m holding out hope that temps will get cooler because I just bought this sweatshirt from Olive Ave. Isn’t it the cutest?

Ivelle Top in Taupe {image from Olive Ave}

Ivelle Top – Taupe

Image Olive Ave

I also like this top. I know it’s a crop top, which I’d never gravitate towards but I think this would look so cute layered over a dress. And it’s tie dye! The colors are so soft and muted, I think it’ll go with any and everything. If you want to know more about Olive Ave, read this post.

Bleu Chrys {living outside the stacks} #BleuChrys

Bleu had her first trip to the spa yesterday and, well, we discovered that she’s terrified of water and the nail clipper/grinder. Y’all, I wish she could talk to she could tell us what happened to her. She’s the sweetest baby, and demands love and attention, but there’s something else there.

And, last but not least, forget about the chicken sandwich thing, go to Popeye’s and get yourself a slice of their Peanut Butter Banana Pie. It’s so good. Trust me. I may be slightly obsessed.

Friday Favorites

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