Miss 18Yesterday, Miss 18 called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out. Immediately my spidey senses started tingling. Parents, you know how it is when your teenage kid calls you up out of the blue and asks if you want to hang out, your first thought is how much is it gonna cost me? So I asked all the important questions and deduced that she needed a ride to the Art Gallery to complete an assignment for her class. I keep trying to tell her, this is more than just a pretty face

After getting lost, we arrived at the gallery and were immediately rewarded with the scent of  patchouli and hemp. Seriously, what is with the artsy folks and that scent? Anyway, after wandering around the student exhibits for a bit, we made our way to the main exhibit from the New York Artists Equity Exhibit.

I was surprised and thrilled to find a painting by one of my favorite artists, Jacob Lawrence, on display. I love the simplicity of his paintings ~ they have a sort of folk art quality to them.

The Burning by Jacob Lawrence
The Burning by Jacob Lawrence

As we neared the end of the art exhibit, Miss 18 and I noticed a door that led to another exhibit, so we went inside…

It was a museum.


The museum was pretty cool, lots of interesting tidbits about the area ~ it’s slaveholding, sharecropping and Native American history as well as artifacts from Missouri’s marine history. You just know the history geek in me was all over the exhibits… There was an antique surgeon’s bag that sent Miss 18 into a state of shock ~ I think it was the saw. I was digging the Native American glass and leather bead vest. I would so totally rock that vest (can’t you see me posting that on What I Wore Wednesday?).

How’s your weekend going?