Shoe ClosetHa!  This is an easy one.  I’m hyper~organized.  I used to be in the Army and one of the first things they drilled into my head was organization ~ socks, tees, undies, they all had to be folded/rolled up so they were the same length as a dollar bill.  I remember taping my things to the bottom of my drawer so they wouldn’t roll around when the drawer closed and using toilet paper roll inserts to keep my tees smooth.  There was nothing worse than failing an inspection.   Anyway, that need for organization has stuck.

I often tell my children that I could get dressed in the dark and still come out matching.  My clothes are organized according to sleeve length, collar type and color.  My pants are separated according to color, weight and purpose.  And everything is hung up facing the same direction (with all buttons buttoned and snaps snapped).  Shoes, boots and slippers are similarly organized (style, heel height, color, etc).

This hyper~organization also extends to my kitchen cabinets.

I don’t make my kids follow my rules (although, when they were little, their clothes were hung on color coded hangers and all of their shoes were organized by color and purpose).  I do, however, insist that they have a path from their beds to their doors just in case of emergency.

So what are you OCD about?  Are your closets  organized or do you have a grab and go system?