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Ok, at this point I’ve just totally given up on picking just one of anything…  I’m 37 years old, there’s a lot of music playing, book reading, television and movie watching wrapped up in those years.

I tried not to list every television show that I’ve ever watched, but I wanted to list shows that have some sort of sentimental or cognitive attachment.  So without any further ado, here are my favorite television shows (by year):

  • All in the Family (1971)Good Times (1974)The Jeffersons (1975)I just had to lump them all together.  The writing on those shows was amazing and the jokes still hold up.  They covered everything from abortion to drug abuse to rape and everything in between.
  • Roots (1977) ~ This show was life changing for me.  I remember watching it every February during Black History Month.  My mother hated it but I remember being riveted to the TV – here was this man who had lost so much yet he was able to hold on to his sense of being, it just instilled in me this feeling of pride.
  • Fantasy Island (1978) ~ “Da plane, Boss, da plane!”  Who didn’t love Tattoo?  I used to watch this show with my sisters while we were getting our hair done for church.  And, yes, I had a crush on Ricardo Montalban (Mr. Roarke).
  • Diff’rent Strokes (1978) ~  Todd Bridges.  That is all.
  • The Facts of Life (1979) ~ There’s a time you gotta go and show you’re growing now…  Loved, loved, loved Tootie!
  • The Far Pavillions (1984) ~ I read the book after watching the movie.  The book was over 400 pages and I was about 11 or 12.  I ended up naming my first daughter after Amy Irving’s character, Anjuli, in the movie because I thought she was so beautiful.
  • The Cosby Show (1984) ~  Who didn’t love this show? They made family life fun.  I wanted my marriage to be like Cliff’s and Claire’s.
  • A Different World (1987) ~ One of the reasons I ended up going to Dillard University (an historically black college in New Orleans).  I thought all HBCUs were like Hillman College.
  • E.R. (1994) ~  Made me want to become a nurse until I realized not all doctors are that hot and if hospitals really have that much drama I’d rather take my chances in the library.
  • Jericho (2006) ~ Loved this show. I was one of those people who signed the petitions to bring it back.
  • The Middle (2009)Modern Family (2009)Cougar Town (2009) ~  Love all of these shows.  The writing is excellent, I just hope they don’t jump the shark.
  • Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (2009) ~ I’m a big conspiracy theorist.  I question everything and I doubt everything politicians tell us.  This show feeds my need to believe that there is more to what we’re being told.

What are some of your favorite television shows?  Is there a TV show you just have to set your DVR to record?