Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

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Happy Friday, y’all! Welcome to Friday Favorites. How was your week? Mine was super busy. This was the first week of classes so everyone was oh-so busy. Next week will be a bit of the same, but a little bit slower. I have a couple of library sessions scheduled, so I’m excited about that.

  1. Did you see this week’s Style Imitating Art post? It always amazes me that we can all look at the same thing and see something so different, yet incredibly similar. I know that sounds convoluted, but take a look at the post and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. Are you a baker? You need to check out this bread recipe by Chicken Librarian. I know I’ve talked about my bread obsession before, haven’t I? No? OK. I kid you not, whenever I go grocery shopping, I buy a loaf of bread from the bakery and eat it in the car as a reward for surviving the grocery shopping experience. Seriously.
  3. How cute is this coffee mug? I picked it up from JoAnn Fabric. It came in a little gift box with a clip board, notebook, 2 mini notebooks, and an apron. So retro chic! My daughter told me I don’t need anymore mugs. I told her I don’t need her special brand of negativity.

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Leave a comment below and tell me something that made your favorites list for the week.

Friday Favorites

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Enjoy your weekend,

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