Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Getting to Know Cape Girardeau/Jackson

Wow, so I didn’t go without the interwebs as long as I thought I would.  Thank you, Comfort Suites, for the use of your internet service.  We truly appreciate it. The kids and I thought we’d have to go at least a week or so without being connected, I don’t know what decade we think we’re living in now.  Everything is instant.  And many hotels have free access.  And, um, there are libraries and cafes…

So today was our first full day in our new home state and, so far, we are loving it.  The kids are overwhelmed by southern hospitality.  You should see them freak out every time somebody asks “How you doin’, sweetheart?” and then waits around for the answer.  The kids get positively giddy.  In fact, this was Miss 14’s Facebook status earlier today:

Facebook StatusThey seriously start giggling every time someone says something to them.  Either my kids are easily amused or they’re really not used to human kindness.

The River Walk
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As part of our “getting to know the city tour”, we went and saw the kids’ schools, signed the lease for our house and went down to the River Walk.  The Mississippi River is crazy big!  Can you call a river “big”?  The River Walk is absolutely lovely ~ surrounded by old buildings, beautiful murals and, of course, a lot of water.  There are also plenty of little shops and restaurants, it kind of looks like the city is putting forth some sort of revitalization program because there’s a bit of renovation going on in various places.

For lunch, we took the kids to our new favorite restaurant, The Branding Iron.  The last time we visited the area, we ate here with my husband’s co~worker and his family and all I did upon returning to PA was rave about their ribs. Normally, I won’t eat ribs in public ~ dude, you know how it is, they get good and you wanna sit there, suck your fingers, gnaw on the bone, etc.   These ribs are so good, you’ll forget your manners.  Seriously, I couldn’t wait to get back down here so I could eat them again.  The kids loved them.  Even Mr. 15, who isn’t much of a meat eater.  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, try the 3 Rib Dinner with Baked Beans and Potato Salad.  Yum!

Tomorrow the kids and I will be preparing to move into the house while the hubs starts his first day at his new job. Squee

Have you ever moved?  How did you learn your way around?

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