Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Happy Mother’s Day

The Kids and Me

This morning my kids did something they’ve never done before ~ they made me breakfast.  In bed.

I got up because I heard Squeekerz scratching at my door, not because he really wanted to be in my room but because he wanted to be away from the kids.  Have I mentioned that our dog hates everyone in the family unless they have bread or Girl Scouts cookies ~ preferably the shortbreads but he’s been known to pilfer a Tagalong or two?  Anyway, I got up to open the door and the dog came charging into the room at full speed as only a half Chihuahua half Jack Russell Terrier (Jackihuahua?  Chirussel?) can.

The kids immediately started yelling: “No!  Get back in the bed!”  “We’re not ready yet!”  “What are you doing to us?”  Ummmm, I was completely unaware that I’d done anything to them, you know, accept give them life, feed and shelter them for 14+ years, you know all the stuff I’m legally obligated to do…  After I saw the tray, I realized what was happening.  Again, I’ve been a mother for 17 years and this is the first time I’ve ever had them make me breakfast in bed.

I climbed back into the bed and the kids nestled the tray on my lap…

Mother's Day Breakfast

Notice the funky sweats?  ‘Cause I was totally not expecting to take pictures this morning…

It was all my favorites: waffles, strawberries, bananas, melon cubes, banana chocolate chip muffin and coffee so strong it’ll keep me awake for the next four nights (long enough to finish Final’s Week at the library).  As the kids stood around basking in their success, something got in my eye and my cheek got a little wet.  This promptly ended up as a status on my kid’s Facebook page:

Mother's Day Facebook Status
I big puffy heart my kids and now I have proof that they heart me too!

How was your Mother’s Day?

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