June in Pictures {living outside the stacks}

I took a bit of an Instagram break last month, which explains all of the blank spaces in this month’s calendar. I’d had every intention of continuing to take pictures for the challenge but I ended up not picking up my camera at all. In fact, I barely even used my cell phone camera during my break.

At first, I felt bad about there being so many blank spaces on my calendar, but now I can see that I needed that time to regroup and recharge myself creatively. Of course, this means that my 366 project is no more, however, I will continue the challenge on a mont~to~month basis.

Few though they may be, I do have a few faves from last month:

30 June {a piece of jewelry}

30 June a piece of jewelry {living outside the stacks}

Whenever I work evenings I always think I have more time to do stuff than I do. Why is time so slippery? Except when I want it to be.

29 June {pink}

29 June pink {living outside the stacks}

Nearly dead but still pretty and pink.

27 June {my addiction}

27 June my addiction {living outside the stacks}

Do I even have to say coffee? I’m totally committed.

23 June {an animal}

23 June an animal {living outside the stacks}

Oh, Squeekerz!

July has started off much better and much more creative, so I’m pretty excited to see what the end of the month looks like. As with previous months, I’m using the prompts from The Bethadilly Blog. Overall, the prompts are  easy to follow and are open to interpretation. And, really, this is about having fun, so if you wanna go off prompt, that’s cool too. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to give you a follow and cheer you on; you can see my every day at #LOTS366Project. If you’d like to see other photos from other participants, just look up #thebethadillychallenge hashtag.

Have a happy week,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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