Navigating through life away from the library.
Navigating through life away from the library.

Miss 17 is Going to The Haven

Miss 17 and the Hubs at LHU2On Saturday, the hubs and I took Miss 17 for a final tour of Lock Haven University before we drop her off for good.  This was my husband’s first time seeing the campus, so this trip was more for his sake than for my own.  Like I said the first time I wrote about our visit to Lock Haven University, I immediately felt comfortable on the campus and felt like this would be the right place for my daughter.  But, more than that, Miss 17 felt at home.

Symone at LHU
First stop on the tour? Music and theater. Priorities?

This Open House was much more spectacular than the first one that we attended.  First of all, there were a lot more people (I think this group consisted mostly of high school juniors and a few seniors) on campus.  We got the chance to meet different faculty members, talk to representatives from the various clubs, etc.  Also the atmosphere was a lot more relaxed (I think that had something to do with it not being cold and rainy like it was the first time we came down, instead it was a balmy 47 ~ and I’m being serious, after the 20 degree and below weather we’ve been having, 47 is practically summer).  We met in the student center where there various tables set up by major, social group, University departments, etc.  Miss 17’s first stop was at the Music/Theater table.  Did I mention that my kids all like being on the stage?  Yeah, remind me to tell you about their penchant for drama someday.

Lock Haven University EagleDuring the presentation, current students answered questions from parents and potential students about the university.  There were some pretty good questions ~ “Why did you choose Lock Haven?”  “What is security like?”  “Is there a drug and alcohol policy?”  Questions about specific majors were reserved for meetings with the various department chairs.  At the end of the presentation, question and answer session, the LHU mascot performed for us.  He did this whole dance routine after we were all encouraged to do a little LHU chant.  It was pretty cool to see everyone getting pumped up.

The one downside to the whole tour?  I found out that the monkeys are no longer on campus.  It took everything within me not to cry.

At the end of the day, the hubs agreed with me that Lock Haven University is the best place for our daughter.  We feel that the environment is safe and secure, she’ll get a quality education and there are enough extracurricular activities that she’ll be able to develop her natural talents and, perhaps, develop interests she didn’t know she had.  Furthermore, she’s far enough away from us to flex her independence and close enough to call on us when she needs a shoulder.

Do you have children going off to college in the fall?  How did you decide where to send them?  Are you ready to let go?

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