Squeekerz and Miss 17For 17 years, you’ve listened to my “Dos” and “Don’ts”.  You’ve shrugged me off at times and, at others, you’ve nodded and agreed.   I’ve shared my struggles of single motherhood with you.  Walking miles in the hot Louisiana sun because I didn’t have a car or the money for a taxi, just to get you from the babysitter’s house.   We’ve grown from a team of two to a family of seven.  You must of have known that Dad was the man for us, you loved him from the start.  So much has happened in the seventeen years that we’ve shared this journey together…

A few days ago, I turned to my friends and asked them to share their words of wisdom with you as you go forth into the next stage of your life.  Please take heart and listen to the wisdom of the web…

From my friends on Twitter:


Advice 1

Advice 3

Advice 2

Advice 5

Advice 6

When you kids were little, I used to tell you that God handpicked each and every one of you to live with me.  I thank Him for trusting me with the privilege of watching you grow into a beautiful young lady.  It has been my honor and I look forward to watching you walk your path.  My prayer for you is that you’ll trust in God, follow your heart and let common sense prevail.  Now get outta my house!