Shower Mat {living outside the stacks}

My day actually began before it ended. Somewhere around 11:30 Friday night I decided I wanted nothing more than to soak in the tub with some eucalyptus and spearmint scented epsom salt, so that’s what I did. What I hadn’t planned on doing was staying in the tub until almost 1 am, but, y’all… It was the most relaxed I’ve been in forever.

Evening Cup {living outside the stacks}

When I finally woke up, the first thing I went looking for was a cup of coffee.

Keyboard {living outside the stacks}

I’m teaching an American history course this spring, so I spent some time fine tuning the syllabus and making sure that some of the course material would be available for the start of classes. Next week. stress barf

LOTS Logo Black {living outside the stacks}

I also spent some time creating a new watermark/logo for my blog. I wanted my logo to say “whimsical, creative, and professional”. I made it in black, white, gold, and teal, with a special one in brown, teal, and peach. What do you think?

Birthday Party {living outside the stacks}

The Hubs and I attended a birthday party for a one~year~old. Y’all, my youngest kid is 18 {19 in a couple of days}. It has been forever since I’ve partied with little people. The Birthday Girl cried the first time I held her. A couple of hours later, she came back with arms stretched out for me to pick her up. She nuzzled her head into my shoulder and for a few minutes I was all I want one of these.

Morning Rituals {living outside the stacks}

As usual, I ended my night with a cup of coffee. I refuse to believe this is the reason I cannot sleep.

How was your first weekend of 2016?

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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