Motherhood. I never knew that I could be so very brave and so very afraid all at the same time. Raising children is not for the weak, man. For nine months, you’re walking around with this person inside of you, feeling everything you feel (and causing you to feel some of those feels) and then one day they decide they’re ready and (you’re not) out they come, ready to control your life (and how much sleep you get, how often you bathe, when you eat). And you forget what privacy is because all of a sudden there’s this little person who thinks nothing of busting through the door when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Vulnerable. Every day, for the last eighteen years (and three before that), my heart has been exposed to everything under the sun: teething pains, first birthdays, skinned knees, kindergarten registrations, mean classmates, butterfly chases soccer games, broken hearts, Prom, high school graduation…

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Graduation. Our baby is about to graduate from high school. I’m not ready for this. It feels like I was just in the doctor’s office laughing hysterically as he told me that he couldn’t perform my tubal ligation because I was pregnant. Surprise!

Motherhood {Living Outside the Stacks} #OurProject52

Surprise. I love that I’m still able to capture that look of surprise on my daughter’s face when I see her looking for me in the crowd and she spots my camera aimed at her and she starts to wave and smile like the superstar that she is.

Motherhood has been the greatest joy in my life and I’m thankful for each and every day that I’ve spent living with, learning from, and loving on all five of my kids.

Congratulations, MB. It has been a pleasure being your mother!

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