Darton College Water Fountain {living outside the stacks}

Today was my last day of work in Georgia. I’ve been here three years, but it feels longer than that. It also feels less than that. Does that make any sense? I remember my interview for the job — it was a telephone interview. I was so incredibly nervous. I was sitting at my dining room table in Missouri, silently pleading with my kids not to make me laugh. They were kind, after the introductions, they went to another room. By the time the interview was over, the hiring committee and I were laughing and talking like we’d known each other forever. Meeting them in person, was like a reunion.

My Last Day at Harold Wetherbee Library {living outside the stacks}

Mobile in the Library {living outside the stacks}

An installation piece by one of my former history students

When I first arrived on campus, one of the first things that struck me {and The Hubs} was the friendliness of both the students and the staff. There were people milling about, you know, just walking and talking, sitting out in front of the library playing music, and enjoying the summer weather. I knew that this would be a place where I could feel at home. It was a place I was comfortable sending my daughters {which we did}.

Daenel in the Stacks {living outside the stacks}

I’m really not angry, just focused

My role has expanded considerably from when I was first hired {I think that happens with just about everyone at every job}. I was hired to be the Electronic Resources Librarian, which basically meant that I was responsible for ensuring that library patrons knew about and had access to all of our electronic resources {databases, ebooks, streaming services, etc.}. I also acted as a liaison between vendors and the library director. I also conducted library instruction sessions and taught American history {both online and face-to-face}. About a year and a half into my employment, our college was consolidated with a local university, which meant that our library now had two bases of operation {and double the resources and double the amount of work}. And, due to retirements, family obligations, etc., our staff size decreased — more work divided among the remaining staff. So I became the Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian, which means I was responsible for the electronic resources, newspapers, print journals, etc.

I didn’t mind the increased responsibility because I’m one of those rare folks who happens to have a job that I enjoy doing. Really, there’s nothing like helping someone who’s stuck on a research project and showing them how to find the resources they want or pointing someone towards a book you think they’ll enjoy. I’m going to miss that – the helping.

Daenel Outside the Library {living outside the stacks}

Outside the library on my last day

I’ve put in a couple of applications, so I’m still waiting. I’m not as nervous as I was because I know the right job will come along. And, when it does, I’ll be ready.

Until then, I’ll enjoy getting to know my new neighborhood and making delicious meals for The Hubs.

You can follow our journey to Louisiana here.

Beyond excited to be living our next adventure as Papa Tony and Yaya,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}





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