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Hey, y’all, hey, it has been forever since I’ve participated in a Style Imitating Art linkup. Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything style related on the blog. Ever since my iPad keyboard broke, I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging. I don’t mind editing the pictures and uploading them to the blog on my desktop, but when I write, I like sitting in the living room on the sofa. It’s both a comfort thing and a noise thing. In the living room, I can hear the TV, even though I’m not watching it. I can’t be the only one who does that, can I? Even at work, I have podcasts, audiobooks, or something playing — I cannot stand absolute silence. And, yes, I realize I can do have the audio stuff playing in my office, but for whatever reason, I prefer the TV when I’m writing. In case you’re wondering, I still haven’t replaced the iPad keyboard. I just decided to suck it up because I really wanted to update the blog and I was really drawn to this week’s Style Imitating Art inspiration piece.


Style Imitating Art is hosted by Salazar {14 Shades of Grey}, Shelbee {Shelbee on the Edge}, and Terri {Meadow Tree Style}. Style Imitating Art challenges us to draw style inspiration from pieces of art. Every other Monday one of them selects an inspiration image and they each post the image on their blogs. The following Monday, they share their art inspired outfits. Participants submit their art inspired outfits to the curator by 10 PM Tuesday and, that Wednesday, the curator shares all of the submissions on her blog.

For ideas about how this works, please see previous posts by clicking here.


This week’s work of art was chosen by Shelbee.


Still Life by Kristy Goggio

Still Life by Kristy Goggio

Oil on canvas, circa 1990’s

When I saw this piece, the first colors I notices were the pinks. I mean, how could you not? They’re right there. Then I started to see the purples and greys and blacks. Then the hints of cream and brown. Along with the softest whisper of green.

And all of those colors appear in my outfit to some degree or another.


Style Imitating Art {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram Pinterest

When I first saw Shelbee’s selection, I had another outfit in mind, but honest to goodness, I couldn’t find any of the pieces. I’m thinking they must have disappeared in one of my closet clean outs. Have you ever done that? Cleaned out your closet, forgotten what you’ve tossed, only to come looking for it later? Deep heavy sigh. Facebook Memories likes to remind me of pieces that have suffered that fate…

Anyway, I digress… As I was going through my closet, trying to come up with a backup plan {while keeping an eye on the clock that was suddenly ticking away so rapidly}, I came across this kaftan that has been in my closet well over ten years. I know this because I used to go to shop at Ross all the time when I lived in Pennsylvania, and they used to sell all sorts of kaftans and crocheted coverups in the dress aisle. The kaftans, long and short, never cost more than $15. I think I ended up buying several because I like how forgiving they are. And, at the time, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, so this allowed me to have something new to pair with the skirts and pants that I thrifted from Goodwill {back when I was a hardcore thrifter}.

Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram

The pants are a few years old too. I can’t remember when or where I bought them, but they get a lot of use. I wear them as pants with my blouses, tunics, and dresses. I like them because they’re fitted without being uncomfortably so. And they hold everything in in the stomach area {always a bonus}.

Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram

The shoes are my trusty clogs. Y’all know these are my go-to shoes when I’m not sure what to wear. It’s funny because I’ve been asked about my clogs a lot over the last few weeks. People are really curious about the comfort level {mine have real wood soles} and here’s what I tell them: they are comfortable for me. If you have foot or ankle issues, you may want to try clogs by Birkenstock or White Mountain Shoes {I have both and find them to be incredibly comfortable and supportive}.

Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram

I’ve worn other kaftans before, if you’d like to see how, click here.


Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram


Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram

I wore this outfit to work. I know it’s a pretty casual look, but we’re in summer session and, due to the incredibly hot temps, I’ve found myself relaxing my outfit choices a little more. Honestly, there used to be a time when I’d never wear open-toed shoes to work. Now? It’s hot, y’all. But I do keep a pair of closed-toed shoes just in case I need to run into the welding or nursing labs {safety first}.


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Pink and Purple Kaftan Black Pants and Black Clogs {living outside the stacks} Follow @DaenelT on Instagram

Glasses: Newell from Zeelool  Kaftan: Similar  Pants: Similar  Clogs: MIA

Sizing: I’m 5’4″ and a dress size 12 to 14 {L, XL}. I wear a size 9.5 shoe.

While I pay for many of the items I share on this blog out of my own pocket, some items are gifted to me {I always disclose those items}.


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