Mommy, What Color Were Our Eggs?

Mommy, What Color Were Our Eggs?One of the things about having four children that I love and hate the most is that my oldest daughter has taken it upon herself to parent the younger kids.  Actually, it’s kinda cool that she mothers them because it’s less work for me. However, she has a bad habit of telling them everything she knows.  Even when I tell beg her not to…

When my oldest daughter was about ten years old, she started asking questions about babies and where they come from, how they get into the mommy’s stomach and all of those other buggy little questions that kids ask.  Now, I have always operated under the “use the proper words for everything” policy with my kids. So I sat her down and explained that we were going to have a mommy~daughter talk and she DID NOT need to share this with the younger kids.  She smiled and agreed

Well, as soon as we finished talking she must have gathered up the young ones and told them everything because the next day, as we were driving to the store, my little one said:  “Mommy, what color were our eggs?”  I looked in my rear view mirror quizzically and said “Huh?”  She replied “When we were in your tummy, what color were our eggs?”

Has your kid ever said something that made you slam on the brakes?

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