I’m almost certain PBG over at Dirty Pretty Thangs didn’t mean for her post, 10 Books in 10 Weeks:  Our Summer Reading Challenge to become a challenge beyond her own household but it did.  I’m joining her for 10 Books in 10 Weeks, which began for her on 20 June and will end on Labor Day.  Since I’m a couple of days late ain’t that always the case with me? I’ma start the challenge just as soon as I get home from work today and go from there.

My four choices for 28 June to 20 July are:

Group 1 Books

My four choices for 21 July to 21 August are:

10 Books 10 Weeks Group 2

My two choices for 22 August to Labor Day are:

10 Books 10 Weeks Group 3

I will, of course, post reviews as I finish reading them.

What types of books do you read?  Have you ever joined a reading challenge?  How did you make out?

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