100 Things {Living Outside the Stacks}

Thinking of things to tell about myself is harder than I thought it’d be. I go through the list of stuff I could write, and I think no one cares about that… But then I think about my #fistbumpfriday posts and how I try to encourage everyone to celebrate not just the big moments but the small ones as well. So I write this list knowing that I’ll not share anything earth~shattering, just revelling in the knowledge that it is these small and random things that make me uniquely me.

11. It took three tries before I realized that the hubs was trying to propose to me. He almost changed his mind.

12. My favorite movie is Imitation of Life.

13. When the kids were young I tried being a vegetarian. Before the end of the week I wanted to eat them.

14. I have one tattoo.

15. Cats freak me out.

16. Dixie Carter’s character, “Julia Sugarbaker” from Designing Women, shaped my concept of how women should be: opinionated, verbal, and independent while always remaining a lady.

17. Butter Pecan is my favorite ice cream.

18. I was stationed in Korea for a year with the U.S. Army. Loved it.

19. My theme song is “Overcomer” by Mandisa. I’ve “overcome” seizures, abuse, car accidents, and cancer. By the grace of God.

20.  I picked out my first born daughter’s name when I was 12 years old. Her name is Anjuli, from the book, The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye.

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This post is inspired by Katie at Creole Wisdom.

Daenel T