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“Alright, alright, alright,” in my best Matthew McConaughey voice. We are about to enter my favorite season: PUMPKIN. I kid. I can’t stand pumpkin anything. But I do love Autumn. I mean, what’s not to love? Cozy sweaters, riding boots, changing leaves… sigh I probably won’t get any of that until Winter because Georgia, but a girl can dream, can’t she? But before we can get to September, we’ve gotta say goodbye to August.

Here are my favorite photos from the month of August. If you’d like to see my most popular photos from the month of August, click here.

30 August {self portrait}

30 August self portrait {living outside the stacks}

I never know what to say ~ no deep thoughts over here… So ask a question and I’ll answer. Maybe

25 August {frozen}

25 August frozen {living outside the stacks}

Yes, I will eat an Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bar at 10:30am to satisfy a photography prompt.

21 August {faceless}

21 August faceless {living outside the stacks}

Because he agreed.

19 August {few}

19 August few {living outside the stacks}

I got nothing. This prompt is hard.

3 August {seasonal}

3 August seasonal {living outside the stacks}

When your boss comes to work with a crate of peaches you get excited and hug her because ~yay~ prompt issued solved!

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