I missed the second week of Sylvia’s Casual Clothes Mini Challenge but you can see the other participants’ outfit ideas by clicking here. But I’m joining up this week. Kinda. I don’t own any printed pants. I like them in theory but, in practice, they just don’t look so great on me. Sorry, Sylvia, hope I can still play along… ;-)

Mustard Cardi Teal and Brown Floral Skirt with Brown Boots {Living Outside the Stacks}

This skirt. I know I’ve said it before but I have to say it again, it was the best $3 I’ve ever spent. Yep, you read that right: $3!!!! One of the reasons I love this skirt is because it’s so very versatile. I can pair it with solids and prints. My favorite print is the mini dot tee that I’m wearing in the picture. The dots are a subtle navy against a cream background… Not overpowering, just enough to keep things interesting.

Mustard, the Perfect Neutral {Living Outside the Stacks}

This is hands down one of my favorite mixed print looks. It’s playful, a little bit sexy, and a tad bit tomboy. But, most of all, The Hubs is a fan of this look too. I think he could care less about the pattern mixing, I think he just liked that the skirt is shorter than what I normally wear. Even though the stripes and the florals are bold, the mix works because the colors compliment each other and are grounded by the cobalt in my cardi and my oxfords.

Blue Cardi Mustard Striped Tee and Floral Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks}

And here we have a combination of the striped mustard tee with the floral skirt. See what I mean? Oh so very versatile, no? And, ummm, yeah, those boots.

Week 19 Time Machine Me as a Hippie {Living Outside the Stacks}

And, last but not least, my submission for the 52 Week Project: 2014 Edition. This week’s theme is “Time Machine”. I guess it’s no secret that I have a bit of a hippie/bohemian vibe. So, I decided to visit the Era of Love, Peace, and Soul.

Do you have a favorite print? How do you pair it? If you leave a comment, make sure leave a link to your blog so I can pay you a visit!

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