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Hi, and welcome to Coffee Talk. In case you’re new here, this is where I share some of the great and not~so~great stuff that I find on the web. Topics range from news stories that leave me scratchin’ my head to DIYs that I think are absolutely clever. And, who knows, there may even be a recipe thrown in here or there just for fun.

So grab a cup of coffee {or tea or whatever floats your boat} and let’s talk…

1. A coworker and I were talking about the border issue yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no right answer. I can’t imagine being in a place that I’m so desperate that I would send my child to a foreign country without me. For goodness sake, three of my children are headed off to college this fall ~ two of them will be within 20 minutes of my house ~ and I’m a nervous wreck. I know people are calling on these children to be returned to their home countries, but how do we do that? Do we just put them on a plane, dump them at the airport, and hope their families come to claim them? And if they stay, where do they stay? Do they get adopted out? Do they end up in foster care or orphanages? What if they end up in the hands of unsavory people? Protective services can barely keep up with the American children who are in the system, add in thousands more who came out of no where and oh em gee

I agree with those who say something needs to be done to protect the borders. And, lest you think I’m a racist or anything else, every nation should protect its borders. Seriously, you protect your home, don’t you? I don’t know if the answer is a fence, more border agents {but, um, that would solve some of the unemployment issues, especially for service members who’re returning to the States and looking for jobs}, or what but this needs to be fixed. Do you have any thoughts?

2. This article from Christianity Today is probably one of the most honest pieces I’ve ever read about how it feels to have a sex offender in the family. There are so many conflicting emotions: love/hate, loyalty/repulsion, happiness/sadness… And then there are the times when there’s the overwhelming need to lash out and make that person hurt and then you remember, you’re called to forgive as Christ forgave you… But how do you forget?

3. I’ve often said that I should live in a Lysol encased bubble. This right here confirms it.

What’s got you scratching your head this week?

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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