Pink Cardi, Mustard Striped Tee, and Floral Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks}


Pink Cardi, Mustard Striped Tee, and Floral Skirt {Living Outside the Stacks}

Well, hello there! I hope your week has been fabulous so far. Mine has been great. I’m two days in to a seven day running streak, so yay! My muscles are sore but my mind and spirit are clear. And can you see the muscle definition forming in the front of my legs? I’ve always thought I somewhat resembled Sponge Bob Square Pants. giggle

So today I’m all about color and pattern. My theory on color is if you see it together in nature, you can wear it on your body. Really, isn’t God the ultimate designer? You are familiar with His work, right? Stunning! As for pattern mixing, I’m all about quirky. In my head, florals and stripes go with everything! Florals and dots. Stripes and plaid. Floral and plaid. Stripes and dots. It’s all interchangeable as long as there’s something in the mix that unifies the look.

For example, I use mustard as a neutral {you can see how I use it as a base color here as well}, so it’s a non~color color that just so happens to make the golds and browns in my skirt and shoes pop. The pink cardi is an add on piece that goes with {not matches} the cream in the stripes of my tee and the beige in my skirt. And the shoes? Well, they’re just a fabulous pair of buckled men’s wear inspired oxfords that I always seem to forget are in my closet.

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