My Living Room
My Living Room...

My dream house is the house that I’m living in right now.  My husband and I lived with my mother~in~law for 6 and half years before we found the right house for our family.  That may seem like we were incredibly picky but we weren’t ~ we have four kids who live at home and we just needed space.  Then there were the other things that kept biting us in our collective butts and depleting our down payment (not only is cancer annoying, it’s expensive).

Anyway, the hubs and I used to spend every weekend going to open houses…  In fact, we went so often that the realtors got to know us on a first name basis.  One day, we thought we’d found the perfect house and at the last minute, everything fell through and I became enraged.  A stark raving lunatic, I tell ya.  I had already started buying stuff for the house and preparing the kids for the “big move.”

So when things collapsed, I started throwing things away and lamenting that we’d never leave my mother~in~law’s and whatever I had done to land in MIL purgatory, I was incredibly sorry about it but, come on, how long does this kind of punishment last?

Apparently, until my patience wore thin because in the middle of my temper tantrum I decided a last ditch attempt at finding a house was in order.  So I went to the Century 21 website, put in our parameters and up popped this house that had been for sale for like 4 years.  How in the heck had we missed it?

It was listed as a foreclosure/eviction and I told my husband the house would probably be trashed but I wanted to see it anyway.  So we made arrangements to see it the next day.  It was the largest house we’d seen so far, the only drawback, it was a bi~level and we were adamant that we didn’t want a bi~level.  However, when we walked in…

We were immediately floored by the amount of space.  And it had everything we wanted ~ room for all the kids, hardwood floors, a fireplace, a garage, large yard, etc.  As we stepped over beer cans, clothes, furniture, etc., my husband and I both eyed each other, we knew this was the house our home.  We saw the potential through the sky blue carpet, pale pink walls and paint splattered floors.

So here we are almost ten years later and I’m still happy in my dream house.  Others may walk in and see the work that needs to be done, but I remember living in a bedroom with my husband for almost 7 years and praying for our own home.

What is your dream house? Is it a mansion?  A cottage on the beach?  A chalet in the mountains?