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White Embroidered Top Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and Clogs {living outside the stacks}

How are you doing? Have you adjusted to the “new normal”? We’re settling in over here. I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible over here. But I realize that’s easy for me to do, I don’t have young children who have to adjust to this new life.

I’m telecommuting now. Not gonna lie, my coworkers and I were all so incredibly anxious about how things would go, but things have gone really well so far. Our students are adjusting with minimal stress and our instructors are being incredibly supportive. I think it’s a testament to the team that our leadership put together.

My heart goes out to those who’ve been directly impacted by the pandemic. This whole situation is all so overwhelming. My prayer is that people will start to heed the scientists’ advice and STAY HOME.


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The Fab Forties is a group of five style bloggers from around the globe who come together once a month to share their common love of fashion. Each month we choose a different theme and invite a guest blogger, who is also in her forties, to join us. The group’s goal is to take on a style trend and show how we each interpret and incorporate it into our lives. Six different ladies, six different styles, you’re sure to find something that inspires you.

The Theme

This month’s theme is Street Style and was selected by Dee. When I hear the term “Street Style” I think about New York Fashion Week. You know, extreme fashion. But then I was like, you know what, I’m just gonna wear what I’d normally wear and go with that. So this is a typical work look for me now that I’m working from home.


White Embroidered Top Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and Clogs {living outside the stacks}

I saw this top on Amazon a few months ago and had to have it. Y’all know I’m a big fan of everything embroidery. And this is just stunning. I don’t usually wear white because the color washes me out, but I really liked the yellow and coral shades of the thread in this top, so I decided to take my chances.

White Embroidered Top Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and Clogs {living outside the stacks}

I saw a meme the other day that said “Who are these people quarantining in jeans? What are they trying to prove?” *raises hand* I’m quarantining in jeans. But not just any jeans. These are my Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and they are so very comfortable.

Since we started telecommuting, I’ve taken to walking Bleu every hour so that I don’t get the “quarantine fifteen”, and these jeans are perfect for walking, sitting, and doing all the stuff I do throughout the day. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend.

White Embroidered Top Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and Clogs {living outside the stacks}

Annnnd, I finally found a pair of Mia Clogs in the peep toe sandal style. I’ve been looking for a pair like these forever. I know a lot of people are turned off by clogs, but I love them. They’re so funky.

White Embroidered Top Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jeans and Clogs {living outside the stacks}

And here I am on my front porch, texting my sister {who never responded}. Where are you spending your quarantine time? What do you think your first post quarantine activity will be?

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Sheela {Sheela Writes}

Sheela {sheela writes}

As always, Sheela is owning this challenge. I love love love her skirt. The ruffles are just fun. And, ummmm, check out this boots.

Shelbee {Shelbee on the Edge}

Shelbee {shelbee on the edge}

Shelbee is like fun personified. I love the pop of color from her clutch. Like I said: Fun. She’s making me regret that I gave my Adidas to my daughter. Would it be wrong to take them back?

Suzy {Suzy Turner}

Suzy {suzy turner}

Suzy’s outfit is what I call classic with a twist. I mean, seriously, look at the pattern play and those SPARKLY BOOTS!!! My eyes are literally forming heart shapes.


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