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Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

The Fab Forties is a group of five style bloggers from around the globe who come together once a month to share their common love of fashion. Each month we choose a different theme and invite a guest blogger, who is also in her forties, to join us. The group’s goal is to take on a style trend and show how we each interpret and incorporate it into our lives. Six different ladies, six different styles, you’re sure to find something that inspires you.

The Theme

Our theme: Superheroes was selected by Suzy. Our guest co-host is Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine. Make sure you scroll down to see my co-hosts and then head on over to their blogs to get all the details on their favorite superheroes.

My Outfit

Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

Initially, I’d planned to dress as either Nancy Drew or Evelyn Carnahan, but I thought what fun is there in that? I mean, I dress like a librarian pretty much every day. The point of this challenge is to have fun and move out of our comfort zones. So, I did what librarians do: RESEARCH.

So I started thinking about the African American heroes and villains that I know and I came up with three: Storm, Catwoman {Eartha Kitt, THE ONLY CATWOMAN I ACKNOWLEDGE}, and Okoye. But, I wanted someone obscure and that’s when I came across…


Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

My dad was a huuuuuuge comic book fan. There were stacks and stacks of them all over the house. In fact, my dad was an artist, and one of the first things he taught me to draw was a very curvy superhero. Yeah, my dad didn’t go for that whole age appropriate art. LOL So, while other kids were learning to draw stick figures, I was mastering cleavage and leotards.

Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

But since I’m not a cleavage and leotard girl, I wanted to do something a little different. So I read up on the Crimson Avenger and found out that Travis {the original male character} had a female counterpart named Jill Carlyle. So I’m dressed as Jill with a nod to Travis with the tie.

Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

Suit and White Button Down Shirt – Target | Tie – The Hubs Closet | Shoes –

Side note: I learned to tie a tie for this because The Hubs was unavailable. And now I’m realizing I probably shouldn’t have tucked the tie into my pants, but I wanted it to lie flat when my jacket was closed so… *Kanye shrug*

Guest Co-Host

Andrea {Living On Cloud Nine}

Superhero Andrea {living on cloud nine} #fabforties #fab40s

I know they say “Not all heroes wear capes,” but Andrea is showing us why they should. Rather than focus on one superhero, Andrea chose to show us how we all have a little bit of wonder inside of us, and it’s up to us to use that wonder for good.

My Co-Hosts

Jennie {A Pocketful of Polka Dots}

Superhero Jennie {a pocketful of polka dots} #fabforties #fab40s

Jennie is serving up some Superman side eye with a whole lot of sass! Love love love it! Seriously, doesn’t she look like Clark Kent’s mischievous little sister?

Shelbee {Shelbee on the Edge}

Superhero Shelbee {shelbee on the edge} #fabforties #fab40s

Shelbee is channeling Zatanna Zatara from DC Comics circa 1964. Doesn’t she look positively magical? Not gonna lie, I’m totally digging that bustier! It’s simply fabulous!!

Suzy {Pixie Chick in Portugal}

Superhero Suzy {a pixie chick in portugal} #fabforties #fab40s

I know y’all are gonna get tired of me saying this but Suzy just gives me strong retro girl vibes… Like she could totally kick butt and bake a cake at the same danged time and not screw up either. Her Wonder Woman is everything!

And that nail? I see you, Suzy! *heart eyes*

Superhero Crimson Avenger (Travis) {living outside the stacks} #FabForties #Fab40s

Who’s your favorite superhero? Have you ever considered using him or her for style inspiration? If you need a little help, you can check out my Pinterest board.

Now go play in your closet,

Daenel T {Living Outside the Stacks}



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