I’ve been out of school for the last three months and  for some reason, it almost feels like I’ve never left…I mean aside from sleeping in, not riding the bus, and not seeing my school friends every day. I feel like I’m still in school because I’ve been learning things that ordinarily you would learn in school. Most of this is because I’ve been watching nothing but Nick Jr.

I admit it! I’m fifteen (gonna be sixteen in January~SQUEE!) and I still watch Nick Jr. Now before you tell your children to make fun of me, here’s why: These shows are actually a lot more entertaining than I thought they were back when I was five. And not only are they entertaining but the songs are fun to sing and you do actually learn some life lessons that may help you later in life no matter how old you are. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

From SignTime: I learned three songs in sign language. Now I can sign to people who’s in my family, I can sign how I’m feeling, and I can sign all the activities I can perform outside (i.e. Running, jumping, swimming, marching, etc.)

From Dora The Explorer: I learned that taking things from people is wrong and that saying “Swiper, no swiping!” does get people to leave your belongings alone. I said this to one of the kids at church because he tried to take a doll from another child. His response, “Aw man! May I play with that doll please?”

From Go Diego! Go!: I learned about animals I didn’t even know existed and that all animals have special skills. I also learned about all the things I can do to help the earth and all the animals. We all share the earth so we should all take care of it together! Todos juntos!

From Yo Gabba Gabba!: I learned that I should eat healthy foods too because just like junk foods, “carrots want to go to the party! The party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!”

From Team UmiZoomi: I can finally do fractions!

From Ni Hao Kai-Lan: I owe everything to this show. I can now carry on a full conversation with someone in Mandarin Chinese, I can count to 199 in Mandarin Chinese and I can solve just about any emotional problem with a song. Seriously, this show has a song for everything!

From Toot and Puddle: I’ve learned about different areas in the world which, again, did not know they even existed and this,

“Your friends may travel far away
But they won’t be gone for long
A boomerang flies, but always returns
Home where it belongs!

Fly my friend, fly my friend
And while you’re away
I’ll be thinkin’ about you
Each and every day
How we laugh and play
In the winds that blow

Boomerang boomerang, fly little boomerang
Boomerang boomerang, as you roam
Boomerang boomerang, fly away boomerang
Boomerang boomerang, then come home!”


I encourage everyone to take a little time out of their day and watch Nick Jr. These shows are amazing. Make your kids watch too!


And now, here’s a list of ten things I’m glad I’ll learn before I’m 18:

  1. How to drive
  2. How to cook a full meal
  3. How to set a table correctly for a fancy dinner
  4. How to balance and keep track of a checkbook
  5. How to drive
  6. How to play guitar
  7. How to teach a class of children under the age of twelve
  8. How to swim underwater without holding my nose
  9. How to take care of a baby
  10. How to drive

Find a way to enjoy learning now because when your teacher said you never, ever stop learning…bro, they were serious.

Knowledge is POWER!