I’m one of those people who begged and pleaded for Instagram to come to Android. So when it finally became available, I downloaded it almost immediately and then proceeded to forget about it. I know, right? How much sense does that make?

I’m not exactly how long I went without using it but one day, I was playing around with my cell phone camera and I decided to try Instagram. Oh. My. Gosh. What had I been waiting for? I was absolutely smitten. And from that moment on, I’ve had to stop myself from snapping every moment of my life. It really is quite addicting.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past 2 months:

@4daenelt {Instagram}

Notice something? There’s an inordinate amount of coffee in my stream. But that’s the fun part of Instagram, you get to see the small parts of  your friends’ lives and it’s the small moments that create the big things in life.

Are you on Instagram? I’m @4daenelt, give me a shout out and let’s share the small moments…

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