Coffee Talk1. Did you watch “The Week the Women Left” on LifeTime the other night? I’m not sure what I think of this show yet. I’m hoping that it does more than play into the stereotype that men are big lumbering apes who happen to fall on the women folk, get ’em pregnant and then have no clue how to handle things from there on out. But I’m not holding out much hope as every other “reality” show seems to draw on exploitation, ignorance and weird accents. Honey Boo Boo, I’m looking at you, doll.

2. Chad, Chad, Chad, you’d think at your age that you’d know not to ever put your hands on a woman. I am so glad that the Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after he was arrested for domestic abuse. It’s about dern time that the sporting world started taking violence against women seriously. But you know what really shocked me? VH1 also kicked ol’ Chad to the curve. I’m happy to see they’re also taking a stand against this butt headery. And this after I said reality shows prefer to profit from buffoonery, let’s just hope this may be a shift towards quality television.

3. The stupidity of teens knows no bounds. Did you see this story about a teenage girl who fell out an emergency window of the “party bus” she was riding  in with her friends and none of them called the cops out of fear they’d get busted for underaged drinking? blank stare Motorists called to report a body on the side of the road. The girl who fell tweeted her fall. Her friends continued riding for 20 more minutes before alerting the bus driver to incident. Hey, kids, if your friend falls off a bus onto a busy highway, fear of getting arrested should always take a back seat to the safety of your friend. Why does that even need to be said?

What had you scratching your head this week?