Coffee Talk1. My tolerance level for pedophiles has reached an all~time low. Not that I had much patience for them before. But, let me tell you, the story of Adam Lee Brown, an HIV~positive sex offender who attempted to assault and then stabbed a 10~year~old boy in a public bathroom, has me feeling all kinds of frustrated and angry. There is just so much wrong with this story: why was he out on parole after being convicted of trying to infect children with HIV nearly 20 years ago by rape? Why wasn’t he rotting under the jail? Seriously, when you hurt a child there should be no second chances.

2. So, hindsight being 20/20, everyone’s realizing that the TomKat split wasn’t such a big surprise after all. Apparently, peeps are checking out Katie’s interview in Elle, dissecting and parsing every word and sigh to determine that she’d planned to leave all along. I’m just happy the tranquilizers (or whatever caused that doe~in~the~headlights look) have worn off and I wish only the best for her and Suri. Still love that name.

What had you scratching your head this week?