That man threw away my Christmas decorations. Again!

When the kids were little, I started collecting Christmas ornaments that I thought best represented each child ~ penguins, airplanes, pinks and purples… I’d mark the bottom of the ornament with the date and the initials of the appropriate kid, you know all the sentimental stuff that mothers do. Anyway, with 4 kids in the house, you can imagine, I had quite the collection.

That is, I had quite the collection until a few years ago when the hubs accidentally tossed my container of ornaments while cleaning out the garage. In his defense, I didn’t have the box properly marked because, well, I thought before anything big got tossed out, that I’d be consulted. I was wrong.

So I started collecting again…

Then we moved here. And the big green and red box that was marked “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS” in capital black letters didn’t make it. In his defense, he said I didn’t tell the packers that it should come with us. Um, those guys actually packed a bag of garbage, so why, I ask you, why would I think that I needed to tell them to pack the green and red container marked “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS”?

I wanted to cry when I made the discovery. This is the second time.

Instead of crying, the kids told me to look at this as an opportunity to try something new. So I went to the local dollar store, picked up a white Christmas tree (the kids’ idea), a couple of boxes of ornaments and told the kids to have at it. I didn’t want any part of decorating, I mean, come on, how many times can I just ignore the fact that my decorations keep disappearing? But my girls never gave up…

They figured there had to be at least a few ornaments floating around that may have been misplaced or something. And, sure enough, they found a plastic bag with three random ornaments…

Christmas Tree Ornaments

So the girls and I will begin a new tradition this year. After Christmas, we’ll scour the sales and pick out ornaments together. We’ll pick random and silly, sweet and sentimental, we’ll pick them together and pack them away safely for next year.

Do you have special Christmas ornaments? What would you do if something happened to them?