I promise I haven’t given up writing for capturing souls with that magic box, it’s just that I’ve been busy taxiing kids, touring Missouri and trying to keep all the other knives that I juggle up in the air.  Really, motherhood is not easy.

The Three of Us1.  I’ve been in Missouri since Thursday ~ flew in first class…  So.  Much.  Leg.  Room.  Our flight attendant was hilarious, swore up and down people tell him he looks like Denzel Washington. Ummm, he was about 5′ 8″ and balding.  But he made me laugh.

2.  I finally got to see my sister’s baby for the first time in 8 months.  Ohmygosh, talk about heart melt.  He let me hold him.  My mom and my sister both said he’s not too cool with letting strangers near him.  He even let me kiss him.  The love fest last about 30 minutes, then something snapped and that kid screamed his little head off.  But for a few minutes, I was in Aunty Heaven.

3.  The hubs rented a 2011 Camaro for our trip (got a sweet little discount ’cause it’s his birthday).  Loving the car, but if I hadn’t had a tubal 14 years ago, I certainly wouldn’t be able to have kids now.  The hubs hit the gas so much, my uterus is strapped into the back seat of the car.

4.  I’m totally obsessed with shows that give you an inside look at prisons.  I’m not really certain why, maybe it’s the “it’s like a car wreck and I can’t look away” thing.  But whenever one of those shows comes on TV, I’m hooked for hours.  The positive side, I know I can’t ever get locked up.  Not that I was ever planing to do so or anything but, you know there are times when that man of mine…  Whew, let me not put anything in print

5.  Being in Missouri has made me realize how much I miss the South.  The people, the food, the heat, I miss it all….

Where would you like to go for vacation this summer?