If you follow me on Facebook, you know that the hubs and I have been having a heck of a time getting back home to Pennsylvania…  Right now, as I type this, we are stuck in the inner thigh of airports ~ Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.  I know, right? Look at me blogging from the airport ’cause I’m all I wanna share my adventures in real time with my bloggy friends.  We’ve been in transit since 6 this morning, it’s now 3:56 PM and I’m no closer to getting home than I was when I was curled up on the bed at the hotel.  But before I get to the end, let me start at the beginning…

Tony and the CamaroOn Thursday of last week, the hubs and I flew FIRST CLASS from Wilkes~Barre, Pennsylvania to St. Louis, Missouri due to an upgrade thankyouverymuch to the customer service rep from US Airways who was so incredibly helpful that I wanted to hug her but I restrained myself ’cause I’m not the hugging kind.  Once we arrived in St. Louis, the hubs was able to snag himself a nice little birthday rental, a 2011 CAMARO, for the week at pretty much the  same thing it would cost to rent a Yugo.  How can I describe the sweetness of this Camaro?  It was like bathing in dark chocolate while eating the most decadent Mexican Chocolate Cake with Mocha Glaze followed by a Latte chaser…  *insert dramatic eye roll here*  To say the hubs enjoyed this car would be putting it mildly.  He offered to let me take it for a spin but it was one of those offers like when you offer to give your husband whatever he wants for his birthday but in your head you’re running off a list of things you will and will not do. So I declined.

Anyway, we spent the week hanging out in Cape Girardeau and Jackson, Missouri with friends.  I have never seen a more family friendly place in my life.  Seriously, there are two big ol’ parks, a water park, walking and bike trails, shopping and good eating all on the main strip.  The weather was kind of muggy and it rained just about every night but it is the south.  I’m just happy I didn’t get smacked in the face by those ginormous southern bugs.  At one point, I swore I saw some tornadic looking clouds but the hubs thought I was just being paranoid.  Whatevs, that’s why when the zombie apocalypse happens, I will not be sharing my trail mix with him.  OK, I have this whole theory that trail mix and water will save the planet ~ some day, I’ll go into deeper detail but suffice it to say, my theory has already been proven half way correct (Remember the lady who survived 49 days in the wilderness on snow and trail mixDid they ever find her husband Just sayin‘).

On Friday morning, we headed up to Tennessee to visit my twin sister and her kids.  Do you know how incredibly exciting it is to have your baby nephew try to eat your face?  The five~year~old, who will from here on out be known as Hercules, flexed a little kid~muscle and carried an entire box of diapers, all while maintaining a grip on a mini skateboard.  Yep, he gets his multitasking skills from his auntie.

Yesterday we ate some ribs at this place called The Branding Iron. Ohmygosh, I licked my fingers as long as I could without drawing the disgust attention of the other patrons.  Duuuude, those ribs alone were totally worth the trip.  If you’re ever in that part of Missouri, I highly recommend the three rib dinner.

Then we drove back to St. Louis, the hubs returned the car and we prepared to return home.

This leads me to today, sitting in the airport accepting the possibility that I may never see my family again.